Week 5 – May

23rd Feb – 1st March


Please pick one of these countries:
May 01: United Kingdom (founded May 1, 1707)
May 05: Netherlands (Liberation from Nazi Germany in 1945)
May 09: Romania (from the Ottoman Empire in 1877)
May 15: Paraguay (from Spain in 1811)
May 17: Norway (signing of constitution on may 17, 1814)
May 20: Cuba (from the United States in 1902)
May 20: East Timor (from Portugal in 2002)
May 21: Montenegro (from its union with Serbia in 2006)
May 24: Eritrea (from Ethiopia in 1993)
May 24: Ecuador (proclaimed from Spain aug 10 but achieved it in May 1822)
May 25: Jordan (from the UK in 1946)
May 26: Georgia (see also April 9)
May 26: Guyana
All the Flags!!
All the Flags!!

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