Mog the World in 80 days!!

80 days

The event overview:

We are celebrating independence!! Freedom even!!  For the next 12 weeks you will celebrate the National days of countries by transmogging an outfit which matches their flag colours!

I have listed each week, which runs from Sunday to Saturday,  starting with Australia Day on the 26th Jan!! 

The first week will be the month of January and you need to pick a country on that list to create an outfit for.  The following week is for February, so you pick a country from the list provided, so on and so forth!

The rules:

  • The colours/theme must match the countries current flag.
  • All 12 weeks must be completed to ensure fairness in judging and finals.
  • The list on each page may be outdated but it is the official list we are going to base this competition on. (Original source)
  • Transmogs can be submitted in Mogit, ModelViewer or ingame
  • Your event entry must be able to use the outfit as a proper end-game transmog (so no Gnomes in Shaman gear or Goblin Rogues with shields) including cloak, helm and weapons. Disqualification of your entry if this not correct.
  • Include the gear you used for each outfit please.
  • Transmogs must be emailed to me by 6pm Friday night (AEST) of each week this allows us time to collate/judge on the weekend and announce winners on Mon/Tues. e.g. the first week cut-off is 31st Jan 6pm.  Multiple weeks can be submitted at once, please advise country/week they are for.  Consider a file name of   [dragonray_Aust_week1.jpg] or something similar.  Send the screenshots to my account of onyxiia.
  • Your lovely judges for this event are Navimie, Cymre and Kamalia.  I will be providing the images to them unnamed so they won’t be able to judge on person, just style.
  • Finals will consist of picking the top three outfits over the entire event.
  • Scores will be released during the finals week for all contestants.
  • Prizes to be confirmed, donations welcome.


Judging will be based on 2 criteria with a maximum of 15 points.
  1. Theme – have you used the correct colours for the flag/country? (5 points)
  2. Flavour – Originality/style/combo. (10 points)


We have received a some fantastic prize donations for this event so far

A DELUXE digital download of Diablo III – Reaper of Souls!!   – it is amazing and donated by one of our magical judges, Navi.


Let’s get started!!

Week 1:       26th Jan – 1st Feb – January

Week 2:       2nd Feb – 8th Feb – February

Week 3:       9th Feb – 15th Feb – March

Week 4:       16th Feb – 22nd Feb – April

Week 5:       23rd Feb – 1st March – May

Week 6:       2nd March  – 8th March – June

Week 7:       9th March – 15th March – July

Week 8:       16th March – 22nd March – August

Week 9:       23rd March – 29th march – September

Week 10:     30th March – 5th April – October

Week 11: | Winner |  6th April – 12th April – November

Week 12: Winner | 13th April – 19th April – December

20th April – 26th April – FINALS!!! (Winner)


11th Jan – Added comment re weapon and rule re all 12 weeks.

13th Jan – Added prize donation details

13 Replies to “Mog the World in 80 days!!”

    1. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to get it out before Australia Day, so people entering had a chance to plan their 12 outfits in advance rather than having to push out one each week 🙂 Well….I hope anyway! hehe

        1. That’s the best way I think, if you have spare time now to get them done 🙂 Well I know I prefer that especially with such tight deadlines of a week…

  1. Such a fun idea! I’m deffo entering 😀
    One question, MUST helms and cloaks be included? I usually tend to avoid cloaks as they sometimes overwhelm a set :/ Especially when used with tabards, there’s just too much…flowyness D:

    1. Thanks Samaramon, I know what you mean completely about cloaks, but I think I will leave the requirement in. Sorry to be a pain in the buttski, but you have had me mulling this over for an hour 🙂 you really stumped me! Don’t hate me for it ok? That’s all I ask 😀

          1. I did briefly think of that one, only because i noticed it in mogit for the first time and i couldn’t remember the name of it!!!

  2. I know you’ve already chosen to use that list of independence days, but I wish you’d checked when the countries actually celebrate their national day. Lithuania is listed twice but I think February 16 is their indepencende day. And Denmark isn’t even listed but their constitution day is June 5.

    1. Funnily enough, Australia wasn’t on there (I added it in), and apparently neither is Canada…sadly, I am no expert on national days so I tried to find a list that seemed to have a fairly comprehensive list – as per my original note stating it was probably out of date and even incorrect 🙂 I didn’t even notice the duplicates, I guess running over country names multiple times they all just blended into one in the end. Can you forgive me?

      1. Of course, don’t worry 😛 I just wish the list was complete and 100% correct.

        I’m working on some outfits right now, but I don’t really understand when I have to submit them. Every Friday or? And where can I find your email?

        1. Understand 100% with the list!

          onyxiia @ gmail . com is the email addy 🙂 And yes every Friday – but I will be a little lenient due to timezones 🙂 So if it Saturday morning when I get them that isn’t an issue (for the overseas contingent!)

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