Faction Pride

I decided to enter into the Faction Pride event that Neri Approves is holding!!


You have until 11.59am AEST on Friday, August 24 to get your “Faction Pride” entry to me. You can do this by emailing me one screenshot, along with your character name and server name to neriapproves[at]gmail[dot]com.  You can also tweet the image to @nerisanda or share it with me on my Facebook page, but please don’t forget to include your character and server details.

Only screen shots of legitimate transmogrification items will be accepted — so no dressing room shots or common items, please.

As with last month, I’ll be posting a gallery once entries have closed, along with a poll for readers to vote on who they think did it best. This poll will be open until 11.59am AEST on Friday, August 31, at which time I will announce the winner!

I have sent my entry for this 19/08/2012 – so now we wait!  It is an open competition as advised below, so here is my entry!!


Faction Pride Winners

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