So close but so far away

I was having a chat with hubby last night, it seems we are not likely going to get a 25 man ICC off the ground before MoP hits, and I am sad.  I only need a few achievements in there, not even heroics.  So I am going to have to spend today as much as possible… Read More So close but so far away

Old schooling :)

Last night the guild decided to do some Firelands, yes I admit I am being slightly selfish there by wanting to get embers.  I am now up to 9 of the little blighters – I am beginning to think I really need to find a Firelands group running 25 man via some of those Xrealm sites. … Read More Old schooling 🙂

ICC 10 man mount hunting

I have been wanting to get the last couple of my mount achievements done on my mage for quite some time, however very rarely do I actually see an ICC run going ahead. Last night though, we picked up a couple of friends and trundled off to ICC for some mount hunting! We did it… Read More ICC 10 man mount hunting

DS raiding Hiatus

Our guild lost one of our tanks during the week and although not a major issue now given I am quite a capable tank, it has helped make the decision to place DS raiding on the back burner. Between now and MoP we intend to raid wednesday nights doing older content – ICC 10 and… Read More DS raiding Hiatus

Laid Back Raid Ulduar

I went on a LBR this morning to Ulduar 🙂 We started off with barely 10 of us and by the end we had swelled to 20, new people being added every couple of bosses or so.  It was pretty enjoyable, slightly scary to start off as JD was “tanking” (he had tank gear on… Read More Laid Back Raid Ulduar

Ulduar and Dragonwrath

I had an awesome night tonight running Ulduar for achievements with the Frosties.  Thanks to the invention of Cross realms, I was on my mage  🙂  I got Kolibear to come with us for a little wheile and then when hubby finsihed his raid, i got him to come with us as well.  Hubby got… Read More Ulduar and Dragonwrath

Enter Ironbound Proto Drake

I have had a dreadful flu for the last week and so have not really been doing anything much other than levelling lowbie alts that take no brain power. I have also been running countless heroics with the hubby to get one of his other toons LFR ready (YAY) so we can run it together… Read More Enter Ironbound Proto Drake

Fun times

We had a really good raid tonight, everyone was on the ball and doing their thing. We one shot everything except Hodir and called it after we killed Thorim. The poor kiwis had daylisght savings,  which means they are 3 hours ahead for this week, so we have been calling raids early so as to… Read More Fun times

spanking along

So the other day I wrote about how my guys are impressing me…they did it again with a take down of Ignis 🙂 We had maybe 6 attempts in total on him and we got him.  We had always avoided him simply because we failed miserably every time we did try him, so we decided… Read More spanking along

Freya…nicely done

So we got Freya down, i missed the raid and was listening on via vents and an alt 😀  But was really good, the guys were working together, communicating, throwing ideas back and forth…was excellent to hear :d  I am very very proud of them. She is a complex fight and I was really concerned… Read More Freya…nicely done

Thorim Strat

So we have figured that either 2 hunters or a hunter and a melee down the gauntlet works really well for us, and also 2 tanks in the arena seems to be the winner for us. I know it reduced a DPS, but in all honesty, I think 2 tanks is more important in keeping… Read More Thorim Strat

Thorim DOWN!!

So we squished the big pansy tonight! We had a full group with the best of our guys online and it took us a few attempts but we did it.  We had a funny run of it actually, as one attempt the ganutlet woudl do awesome and the arena would suck, but then the next… Read More Thorim DOWN!!

Ulduar last night :D

Had a great night in ulduar last night, was awesome, we one shot every boss except Ignis (we skip him). FL, razor, XT, IC, Kolo and Auri.  All one shot and perfect attempts. Very few deaths and was sexy! I got a new ring off IC, which was a fair upgrade :d  I also got… Read More Ulduar last night 😀

Ulduar and gear:D

So last night in Ulduar, we did really well.   We one shot Auri and her mental pussy cats with one healer and DPS down from the start of the fight, we almost one shot Hodir (we had a false start) and we had a false start on the Iron Council, but that was due to… Read More Ulduar and gear:D

What a wow!!

SO last night after a week with no raids the guys were just superb 😀 After three weeks of constant wiping on Hodir – we got him on attempt number 2 – our second Hodir kill!!  Very exciting 🙂  We one shot everything else and then went and had a play on the Iron Council,… Read More What a wow!!

Iron Council Strat

So far the best strat that has worked for us, is having our MT grab Steelbreaker and tank him near the front door, and an OT picking up Morogrim (or whatever his name is) and tanking him to the left hand side of the room. (Left hand as you are looking at them).  We don’t… Read More Iron Council Strat

Hodir Strat

So basically our Hodir Strat is to remove all the NPC’s from the iceblocks – every time the flash freeze happens…get them out – starting with the mage of course 😀 We tank him in the centre of the circle on the ground and try and keep him as still as possible, so we don’t… Read More Hodir Strat

Auriya Strat

Crazy cat Lady 😀  Evil bitch this one. We use a few combos of strats out there, we have a hunter/immolation trap, DK/D&D, Pally/Consecrate etc to pull them over, we stand at the top of the stars and the end of their patrol and we hide 😀  We have an OT for the 2 cats… Read More Auriya Strat

Kologarn Strat

Kologarn, is such a fun fight 🙂 Dead easy too 😀 MT attacks Kologarn – funny that :d  Making sure they dont’ fall off the ledge 😀  We have lost so many people down the front of Kologarn’s pants 😀 All DPS is on the Right Arm, we pop heroism when the arm respawns.  We… Read More Kologarn Strat