End of the Mogolympics

The Olympics have come to an end! Check out my page for all my outfits! I was amazed at the oufits people put in and have found some new items I am going to have to try and find, then replicate outfits. Overall I won a silver medal for my hammer throw design and I… Read More End of the Mogolympics

Trasmogolympics: Fencing

Another result has been released!! Find the full details here: Congratulations to the winner of Lower City 🙂  My page is updated with my entry as well.

Transmogolympics: Javelin

The Javenlin transmogs are out!   Congratulations to the winners again, seems there were a couple of ties for places and althoughI got close to a medal I was far enough off to be crushed by the competition 🙂  My page updated as usual!

Transmogolympics: Discus!

Discus Event – LIVE! Once again fantastic commentary,  is this the first one with duplicate outfits? Spectacular outfits though 🙂 Check out my transmog page for my outfit 🙂 In truth discus was the one event I re-did about 12 times, in the end I put forward the most appealing.  I could not get this… Read More Transmogolympics: Discus!

Transmogolympics – Hammer Throw!!

JD has done the most awesome commentary on the Hammer throws!! I have been laughing like a maniac since I started reading… Here is the post he has up 🙂   The winner – Undercity! From the looks of it, I appear to have a silver medal in the Hammer Throw 🙂  SQUEEEEE!!  Check out… Read More Transmogolympics – Hammer Throw!!

Transmogolmypics: Cycling out :)

Cycling winner is out 🙂 cycling winner It looks awesome! And the slideshow with the rest of the competitors is awesome! So many great ideas I may have to steal for my toons 🙂 Congrats!!!! Image is from Tome of the Ancient

Transmogolympics Update

It is on!!! Apparently of the 77 entrants we only had approx 50 people pass the time trials, so poor judges now have two weeks to get them all sorted and voted.  Of course I am going to win every event so I think we could just end it all here right?? HA! I wish.… Read More Transmogolympics Update

Purple Nurples and other addictions :D

Sorry for all the transmog posts lately….I blame JD 🙂  Yes yes!! Tonight, I transmogged another olympic outfit…the Javelin, but whilst trolling around transmog sites and gear, I found the set I wanted for my warrior….the Revenant set!  All purple and  I chased down some quests which rewarded the items and I have to farm two… Read More Purple Nurples and other addictions 😀

Still mogging for the olympics :)

I have had a very productive morning, mogging my toons for the olympics.  I got 4 outfits done today and I have a few ideas about the other ones running in my mind. I am slightly amazed at how many people are a part of this now, I think we were over the 30 mark… Read More Still mogging for the olympics 🙂

Transmogging and brain killer

Last night we went to DS, our intent was to do some heroic modes, we didn’t have enough people online so we did a normal run. The alts vs main thing flared up AGAIN!!! I am so fucking sick of the argument and in truth I just wish they would call it quits with raiding… Read More Transmogging and brain killer

Mogging it

I was transmogging gear again with Mog it last night and getting sooooooooo annoyed that my low level characters had bugger all items…I hung around hoping that Navimie would turn up online as I couldn’t figure out the problem and I was gong to beg her to help me. Turns out, google search was useless… Read More Mogging it

My flag bearer

I got the Sha’tar tabard as my country.  I decided to use my mage for this as she is relevant to the BC era  😀 and has lovely long legs. Anyway, I have to let JD know, so you guys are getting this before anyone else!!  This will be the only one I can post… Read More My flag bearer

What did I just do!

I just requested to be entered into the Mogolympics!! Waiting to find out if I am in and which tabard I am getting. Sha,tar!! I am IN – it is on girls and boys! **edited to add** Maybe one of my professional transmoggers can help me out here, what if you don’t have the item…for… Read More What did I just do!