Sunday Share: WoWjuju

I have been visiting WoWjuju since I can remember – it is my lifeline to all things reputation. I would be devastated if this site ever goes offline or disappears.  There is a handy little button on the side that says “reputation calculator” and OMG – You are a genius for this!  You do the… Read More Sunday Share: WoWjuju

Sunday Share: Guildox

My hubby pointed out this site to me the other day – Guildox – as one that he uses religiously and I have now jumped on the bandwagon. there are plenty of sites out there that deal with BiS pieces, and I have used so many different ones, but I think Guildox has the easiest… Read More Sunday Share: Guildox

Day 10: Favourite Blogs/Websites

It has been a while since I have had a chance to do another one of these posts, so I figured now was a good time as any. Favourite websites – is a very easy one for me, I only have a small amount I like to go to for WoW related information that I… Read More Day 10: Favourite Blogs/Websites

Sunday Sharing : WoWPopular

I am going to attempt to start a new thing on my blog.  Each Sunday, I am going to put a post up about a site that I think is pretty cool and one that I use/read/go to very regularly 🙂  It may be old news of rose, but could also be new for others… Read More Sunday Sharing : WoWPopular