Sharing Sunday

My friend has entered into world of blogging and This is a shameless plug for him!! He is an amazing player and one of those freaks that can do and understand theorycrafting in the way that only some people can! Please check it out 🙂 Shift in Emphasis

Sunday Share : Race to world first

I am yet to watch this myself, so I can’t relaly advise if it is good or not, but I am hoping to watch it sometime during my holidays 😀 From reports and reviews I have read – if you are into raiding, it is worth watching!

Sharing Sunday: Podcast CtR

I know it has been a while since I did one of these, I just haven’t had much involvement with my blog or the outside WoW community that is not my home or my guild. So today though I have to share with you my recent find! Convert to Raid!!