Shared Topic: Single Realm

This week’s Blog Azeroth topic is from Frinka At Warcraft Street.

If it were possible, would you want Blizzard to put all characters in a single realm/game world by realm type — PvP vs PvE vs RP? Why or why not?

I am hoping I have understood this topic correctly, because I would love nothing more than to have entirely separate realms based on game type.

Of course in my perfect world, the developers for Blizzard would be just inundated with so many things they have to balance it would be unfair really 🙂

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Shared Topic: Starstruck

Yeah ok, so you can blame me for the topic this week, and in all honesty I was going to delete it if we managed to get some more topics, but then I just got lazy because I would have to change dates on other topics, so you are stuck with it.  Given the last few weeks though I have found I would be interested in this from other people’s point of views.  We have some newer bloggers out there and they must have people or bloggers they are inspired by etc, so I am keen to find out who those on a pedestal are.

Are you starstruck by anyone? Does someone in the community respond to a post or a tweet and get you all speechless because they actually responded? Is there anyone you are waiting to have respond directly to you? Is there someone that you would like to chat to, but are too chicken? Am I the only one who puts other bloggers on a pedestal?

I also feel this could be slightly weird, given people will be named on here and how awkward it would be for those people, but blogging is about being honest and having the guts to put things out there 🙂  I came up with idea simply because recently a few people in the blogosphere were having their posts linked to, being interviewed and being responded to on twitter by people that i would literally be in shock if it happened to me.

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Shared Topic: Nicest Thing

This one could be about 600 pages long, and in all honesty I could not mention the millions of nice things people have done for me in game.  I will try to list as many as I can though – it is always good to thank the people out there who made this game what it is and not just moan about the idiots who make it that little bit of hell 🙂

My first guild was full of nice people who just wanted to help 😀  Auricthewise – pulled me aside one day when he saw I was wearing all manner of weird shit and explained to me that each class has specific stats..a mage wearing strength and agility was not the way to go 🙂  He spent a packet on the AH (back in the days before dailies so money was precious) and got me some upgrades 😀  I will never forget that kindness.

Theholyman and Alexelder, trundled me through Gadzetzan and Dustwallow marsh a few times to help me quest, fun times 🙂  Bomma running me through Deadmines repeatedly and making me fall in love with boomkins 😀

Senna, a fellow mage, i honestly can’t remember how we met, but s/he gave me money towards my first mount 🙂 s/he also spent a lot of time with me teaching me how to duel, pvp, rotate spells.  All very important stuff as a mage!

Koliara and Dreddly – gave me a lot of support when doing the guild leading thing. That is both ingame and out as well,  but basically being officers and doing bank organisation and being class leaders after a fashion, without wanting to actually be officers. It was a blessing.

Mithraci and Cayehn- for being co-gm’s with me and dealing with the shit with me and booting people and controlling the insanity.

Those are the four major things that actually come to mind when thinking about the nicest things.  I mean after playing since Vanilla, I couldn’t just come up with one thing 🙂

Check out everyone elses thoughts – we are a lucky bunch if you ask me 🙂





Shared Topic: Rename WoW

Frinka asked a very simple, yet hard question this week for the shared topic on Blog Azeroth.

Knowing what you know now about the game, what name other than World of Warcraft would you give it? Why?

It sounds simple really, but coming up with a catchy name is harder than I thought it would be.

Some of mine are not really language safe – as is my way, so I have shoved it behind a cut to shield potential bad words 🙂

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Shared Topic: Always want what you can’t have.

This week’s Shared topic was something I suggested because of the growing list of cool things in the game I want, but can’t have.

Initially, I have to blame my hunter for not being able to tame anything I wanted.

Let me explain 🙂

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Shared topic : your main as an NPC

Cymre has suggested another fun topic about your main being an NPC in game, where would it be, what would be its purpose.

I have left it late because I really had a tough time trying to decide on the 14,000,000 different ideas that popped into my head.

About the only thing I was certain of was being a draenai who shapeshifts into a dragon, with shades of blue and purple and lovely violet eyes, of course I can be a shapeshifter because I am a powerful Mage :p her name would be < Dragonray, delight dealer > 🙂

I wish I had some drawing skills 🙂 Similar to Valiona, but more friendly looking…and sparkly! Yes sparkly wings 🙂

I would like to be placed somewhere near Dolanaar where I can blend into the trees and walk among the forest, enjoying the scenery. I would like to sell collectible items with a preference for pets or mounts, but I wouldn’t mind selling patterns or recipes 🙂 To access them you need to get your rep up with me by bringing me critters and tamed animals from all over the worlds! Lol well maybe not that last bit – although deliciously evil, I wouldn’t want to be that cruel to potential buyers!

So if anyone wants to draw me feel free 🙂 hehe


I also wanted to add, that I have always admired the way Blizzard adds toons and memoranda into the game of people that have come and gone.  I would love to be recognized like that if anything should happen to me, given that WoW is such a large part of my life.

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Five Quarters – Argus or bust

Shared Topic: Top 3 Things

Cymre has given us a topic this week that I felt compelled to write about, it has been a while since I have done one and because this is about sentimental items – I just had to jump in!

Once again, I’m hoping this hasn’t been done already, but after the last couple of days of being hacked, I’m putting this out there.

“What are the top three items on your main that you just love for sentimental, fun or silly reasons and would hate to lose? Tell us a story, what makes them so special and as always illustrate with screenshots”

I went a little more then 3, but well, I have been playing the one toon since Vanilla…I think I deserve a little wiggle room :p

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Shared Topic: Windows to the world has once again come up with a right cracker for a shared topic.  I cannot help but love looking at other people’s UI’s. They have such wonderful designs and mods and it makes me want all the modz!

I have not had a standard UI since Vanilla when I saw a post on our guild forums and asked how to change mine. I was in heaven from there and I have had some very very out there creations.  IN fact, I am pretty sure I have an old post somewhere in the archives about all my different UI’s over the years….hrmm….ah ha!  Here it is 

After a break from the game I generally don’t touch my UI for about 3 months, and then it is all hell for leather and I will change things on a whim.  I spent all of Sunday re-doing my UI as I was having massive trouble when raiding with being able to place spells down – like flame strike etc.  I had so much in the way and in the middle of my screen it was so annoying.  Not only that,  I had timers, and markers and reminders all over the screen – It was HORRIFIC!!!

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Shared Topic : LOL Things

I am just on the cusp with this one as I have spent all week trying to upload some very short videos to youtube with no success.  It takes them all night to upload to 3% and it is driving me mental!

Instead you are now going to get pictures of said things I have found amusing or interesting and will just have to imagine them!

So I have thrown them all behind a cut for you as it is rather image intense 🙂

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Shared Topic : Making our own hardmodes.

Another week, another shared topic 🙂  This weekStringtheory of asks

I’ve seen a lot of challenges making the rounds lately, from the more traditional ‘you die, you’re out’ to the more complex ‘no spending money on anything’. Leveling only through crafting looks fun, leveling without any gear looks impossible, and making a bazillion gold on the auction house is something I really need to try someday. *ponders*

Anywho, why do you think these sorts of bring-your-own-hardmode are becoming more popular? Is it because the normal game as gotten too easy? Or repetitive? Or that it’s not challenging in the right sort of ways? Could Blizzard incorporate any of these methods of madness into the game itself or it there an inherent appeal to ‘house rules’ versions of the game?

Thinky thoughts, I am thinking them… *solemn nod*

Oh, and if you are participating in (or have already won) any of these events say so! Link ’em so the rest of us can cheer you on! :D

This post got long and rambly, but I enjoyed writing it 🙂

Shared Topic – Who are you?

This week’s shared topic was mine, from this website 🙂  i thought perhaps I should actually get this post happening sooner rather than later :p

Whilst watching lord of the rings…again… I got to wondering who I was most like/would be like and who my friends would be.

I decided my hubby would someone like Aragon or faramir – honorable, sincere and all round nice guy. This of course always leads me to think about wow and who would be if I could be and I wondered what everyone thought?

Are you more like Thrall or Jaina? Would you wish to be like Lady vash’j?

Honestly, Lord of the Rings is a slight obsession 🙂 I will be honest here, although I have read the books – I disliked JRR’s  writing style, however the story is what captured my imagination as a child.  To be fair, I have done very little research into the warcraft universe, and although I played some Warcraft 2 (pretty sure it was anyway), and I played it badly, I do not really know much of the history or world aside from what I know about the storylines from the MMO.

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Shared Topic – Rats an Turtles and Pinchy, Oh My!

Oh fishing, let me count the ways you distract me from more important matters 🙂

This week the shared topic is causing a plethora of images and discussion from people on both sides of the fence!  It was suggested by as follows :

Fishing is an odd sort of minigame in WoW and people I’ve talked to either love it or hate it. So what’s your take on the most grindy of sports?

If you love it: Why? Where’s your favorite spot to go drop a line and veg while waiting for a strike?

If not: Why not? What would make it more fun? Or is there a way to make fishing fun?

And lastly, for those of you with hard-won turtles rats and lobsters ‘o doom—show ’em off! :D (Because I’m proud of my stupid rat and darned if I’m not going to sneak my own screenshot in.)So, my collection is pretty small honestly 🙂

My collection is pretty small, to my massive disappointment!  Lets start with the most disappointing of all – my turtle mount…

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Shared Topic: Knowledge Killing

Logtar has suggested another deep thinking topic:

The last couple of years in WoW have changed the game quite a bit. While it is very easy to jump into the “elite” vs “casual” vs “noob” bandwagon type of discussion, what is causing it I think is a more interesting topic.

Do you guys think that the LFR and LFD kill the sense of community, but taking it one step further; does it also kill the passing down of knowledge?

I know I did learn a lot from reading the web, but even now I get tons of information from my guild. If I have a doubt, I ask the question and most of the time someone knows off the top of their head where an enchant is, or what the best glyph is, etc. I don’t take that community for granted, but it was built before there was a LFD. We are together because we did have to take the trek to the meeting stone. Now we have a button that 1 person uses and BAM we are all there. We know why that is cool, but many of the new players really don’t know what that really means.

So are the new tools for grouping killing the knowledge sharing?

I think this is an interesting concept but only because I started the game when we had very little information available to us to work with. Not that I want to belittle the stuff people are doing know, but we didn’t have the huge amount of resources for strats, gear, rotations and general information.

We used Thottbot and Alkhazam because they were the most up to date and had the most information, and we learnt by trial and error and of course – the longer you play the more information and sites you discover along the journey.

I don’t know LFD or LFR etc are killing the passing down of knowledge, but I think they are killing the sense of community – only because people seem absolutely incapable of being nice or just shutting up. It’s a hard question to answer simply because we have nothing to compare it to. In 40 man days for example, my first raid I didn’t read anything about the bosses – or watch videos – I don’t really remember there being anything to read or watch. I knew the fight from having it explained to me.

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Shared Topic: Gaming Distractions

Oathblade has brought us the topic for the week:

Gaming Distractions

We all like to do other things when we game. What do you do? Why?

What a question!

There are far too many things I do as a distraction, but that is because I have my iMac set up next to my gaming PC, so it is all too easy to just be doing two things at once 😀

Generally if raiding, my hubby has some random music going in the background on his iMac, so I don’t need to worry about that.  When we are raiding, it is generally laid back music, michelle branch or classical, then if we are just doing instances or levelling we have more upbeat stuff on – like Jamiroqui (Spelling?) or some symphonic metal.

I tend to just surf websites like i09 and G+, update blog posts, look up wow related stuff and generally just fluff about.  During runs and wipes etc it is nice to just be looking up gear or strats or just reading about wow things whilst waiting for buffs etc.  I also used to catch up on my wow comics and blogs, but I tend to have all my blogs on my RSS app in my phone and so I can just read them whilst on the train or in the car etc.

Sometimes as well, if i can convince the hubby of it, I play some podcasts in the background as well like Convert to Raid, but I do generally listen to them when I am home alone and just doing things on my toons 🙂

I do like youtube as well, but I don’t want to hinder my bandwidth at all – especially as we don’t have oceanic located servers like some other MMO’s out there….*hint*  *hint*

I know it sounds like a lot, but considering we play WoW almost 5 nights of the week, there ends up being plenty of time for other things to be going on in the background.

Shared Topic: WoW on your resume.

Logtar posted thread on Blog Azeroth a little while ago, that would have made a great Shared topic, so this is it 😀

I think time have changed a lot, but not quite enough that someone will put (Raid Lead – WoW Blog Writer) into a resume… or maybe some have?

Would you?

I recently had an exchange with a player in a similar profession to mine get very defensive when mixing just the google+ world with the WoW world. I am not a point that I would list my hobbie on my resume (I don’t post any of my hoobies for that matter) but I have no problem associating my online personal with my WoW playing/bloggin either.

I am probably not the best person when it comes to the wrong or right of resumes…I have been trying to find a job for over 12 months with no luck, so I can only assume my resume is a little bit of a let down.
However, I do have my guild/raid leader experience disguised on my resume as a volunteer job for a religious organisation.  I have done volunteer work for a few small organisations and support groups that are no longer active as well, so it isn’t out of place and is mixed in.
Although I haven’t put “WoW GM” on my actual resume – I do have things like recruiting, marketing, dealing with difficult personalities, rostering etc as a part of my resume somewhere.  They are skills I learnt being a GM/RL, they are developed daily in the game and they are things that will benefit me in any position I end up holding.
I wouldn’t put it down as an actual job simply because so many people are still pc dumb that I can’t even talk geek with people I know.  The people I used to work with barely knew how to turn a pc on, let alone about gaming, they were more the “go out, get drunk, get laid and pass out” kind of people.  The people I work with now don’t know how to search in google..well…barely….I am sure not every workplace is like that and perhaps Australia is behind with technology in relation to people, but I think there is still too much of a stigma around gamers in this country.
Are you game enough to do it…no pun intended :p  ??

Shared Topic – Show me the Transmog!

It has been a while since I have done a shared topic, I have been away from Blog Azeroth for far too long and I hope like heck it picks up again, so here is my attempt at helping that 🙂

The reasons behind my transmog!

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Shared Topic: Class/Lore

Oathblade asks the Shared Topic this week:

Blizzard often tries to work unusual race/class combinations into the game for various reasons. Who do you think are the winners and losers in their efforts? Why? Does it matter if there is more representation of it (Quests, NPCs, etc) or the importance/quality?

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Shared Topic: WoW Soundtrack

Saga from Spellbound has asked everyone what our soundtrack is for the Shared topic this week:

Your WoW Soundtrack

The WoW in-game music is awesome, but there are times (at least for me) when I’m listening to my own music instead. Are there any specific songs that you connect with WoW? Whether it’s tied to your own characters in some way or simply because it reminds you of WoW. Please share!

Given the immense diversity we have in game I find this an absolutely divine topic!  I get to brag about my favourite bands and potentially find more! Definite Win Win!

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Blog azeroth excitement!

Blog Azeroth (BA) has been a little obsession of mine for a long time now, and even when I was not playing wow, I would drop past and check things out.

Recently one if the mods sent out a distress beacon asking for help and we responded to the call! I wasn’t at all sure I could fit in full time modship, but I can certainly put in some time to help out at a place I have adored and admired!

The current people in there are superb and I am honoured to be counted among them!

If you are a blogger and have not been to BA please drop by!! There is a link in my side bar – it will open up a entirely new world!

Thank you BA!

Shared Topic: Transmogriphaicaqoautrption

This week’s shared topic, (which I am cutting it really fine on submitting) is about the general reaction to the new Transmog coming out….

I am torn on this subject, and to be fair, its because I have never been one to accumulate money in game (and out – if truth be known).  I prefer to spend it – on …stuff….junk, pets, mounts, items, gear, crap…..I have enough to cover all my raiding expenses; thanks to dailies, and I don’t play the AH (I suck at it) and I don’t really sell my professions or skills in any way that could be considered money making.

So when I hear reports that using this transmog is not going to be cheap; it makes me sad.  Depresses me.  I would like to dress my nage in either arcanist or netherwind, and by all reports to even store the gear – it is going to cost me more gold than I have on all my toons – not to mention – wanting to use the gear is going to cost me even more money (which I just don’t have).

To me, this is an unfair burden for people to have to pay for – the money does not benefit the economy in any fashion – depending on the costs of it, I wonder how many people will actually use it?  There has been a massive demand for a wardrobe type system since BC – and they have obviously heard us – but I wonder if they have fundamentally gotten this wrong.  I am more than willing to pay for the service, please don’t misunderstand me, but I am not going to pay stupid amounts like 300g to store an item or to use it.  (I barely use reforge because it is damn expensive!)  So I am not at all excited about it anymore.

My other beef, aside from the potential costs, is the requirement to have that gear.  As I posted previously I deleted all of my gear, every expansion I got rid of everything (except really special items).  I am not overly worried about Tier pieces as they mostly easy to obtain again, however what about some items that I will never get again.  Some of the artwork out there is awesome and especially for weapons and shield etc – but random drops and quests means that you have to try and farm that specific item again and if it was a quest item – too bad.  You will never have that again.

There is no proper solution to that, because there is no way Blizzard could have a vendor with every single item that has crossed your path in the history of your character – ready and willing to re-sell it to you for a price (vendor price I mean); perhaps they could do a vendor with all the epic items perhaps??  LOL  Still a pain in the butt for them.  The reason I bring this up is because I have a hatred of RNG, random drops and anything that means there is not a guarantee of a piece of gear.

Backstory:  I raided MC for just on a year – every week – Sunday from about 9am until about 5pm – with a lunch break for an hour.  Yup 40 man raids with 5 other mages, took us all day.  In that year I missed approximately 4 Sunday raids, whether I was out or it was my turn to sit out.  Either way I never, ever, ever, saw the archaist robes drops once.  NEVER.  They did however drop every week when I wasn’t in there.  I started raiding late so most of the mages in my guild already had the robes and therefore I had no competition for them (if they did drop).  To this day I have never owned them, I haven’t been to MC all that much since we left it, and I still have yet to see them drop.  So why, why for the love of god, would I want to use this transmog service when the one item I need – has not dropped for me in over 5 years of game play….??!!?!??!!?

I think the transmosg and void service will be great for people that have kept every single item they every owned (providing they can afford it), but , as it stands, with the pricing being reported as pretty high I will not be using it.  I would rather save up for the next expansion, because sure as the sky is blue, there will be some other massive expense I need for that, training, riding, gearing etc, and I would rather have my limited funds available for that.

Of course the benefit to not changing gear, is that  because so many others (or so they hope) will be changing, I won’t look the same as the other 50000 mages dressed in Arcanist 😀