Raid Team, guilds and throwing down

So, after some pretty heavy recruiting, we managed to get the last few spaces filled in what will hopefully be our core team for raiding. As it stands though, I have 2 more people that need to start getting focused on their gear, with another 2 at just below the 460 point and the rest… Read More Raid Team, guilds and throwing down

The Dark Within is recruiting!

Oh yeah, I am spamming my blog for recruitment now!!  Like you wouldn’t :p Please pass this info on, link to it, retweet it, just get it out there please blogosphere! Hordeside Nagrand. The current plan, so I am told, is to just raid Wednesday nights from 7-10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time until MoP details… Read More The Dark Within is recruiting!

Didn’t raid last night :(

Up, down, up, down, up, down. I swear I feel like I am on a roller coaster that I just can’t get off because the guard is laughing maniacally at the gate and pushing the machine to go faster, pussycat, faster!! We had 5 people online last night, so we are hoping Thursday is a… Read More Didn’t raid last night 🙁

Still on Spine

We are so close on Spine it is not funny. Last night we just cocked up every single attempt with something silly and it just caused a night of annoyance really. The best we got was to the last tendon with about 20% left, but then we got overrun with bloods as the amalgamation was… Read More Still on Spine

Heroic madness in guilds

So, either my current is guild is really far behind the 8 ball or I am severely confused by the game. I have spent a little bit of time today trolling forums and sites for guilds and all I can find are heroic heroic guilds.  All looking for heroic players. I am concerned by this… Read More Heroic madness in guilds

MoP Information :D and raid teams

I was refreshing my screen last night on MMO-champ so I could sink my teeth into some information, and was a little disappointed to be honest…there wasn’t all that much new stuff up there.  Yes, there was some…but most we were told at Blizzcon…so meh really. I love the new girly pandas – they may… Read More MoP Information 😀 and raid teams


I had a minor meltdown last night, sucks to be a girl sometimes, anyway – i declined to raid as I just couldn’t handle my own lack of brain power last night, let alone dealing with 9 other people.  The guild got to Zon’ozz and couldn’t get passed him without me 🙂  Well I like… Read More Meltdown

9 manning DS

We seem to be either 8 or 9 manning content at the moment, and I am not entirely thrilled about it. Don’t get me wrong the fact that we can 9 man content with a DPS slot empty is somewhat nice to know, but it just puts a strain on the team. Tonight we did… Read More 9 manning DS

Let’s play catch up

I have been just sooooo busy lately. Time to get a catch up on here! So we finally cleared ToC as a guild!  YAY!  We got to Anub in on night and had a shot on him, we then spent the next night – all night – working on him.  Our third attempt we got… Read More Let’s play catch up

New recruits

We have 2 new players to the guild this week, a DK and a Fury warrior. Teh DK has raiding experience in WOTLK which is good, and is roughly up to the same stuff as us.  Teh warrior has no raiding experience but has made an effort to at least read the fights etc so… Read More New recruits