General running around

I have been sick recently and had two days off work. I spent the entire time sitting in front of my pc playing WoW and drinking water. It was my attempt to recuperate and not do anything at all.

This allowed me time to get through the horde story line (which I hadn’t done) but I am now up to the part where I have to kill Jaina. I did wonder if the chain was ever going to end as I started it weeks (dare I say – months) ago and it just kept going!

I feel like I am in the storyline for the patch now – I wasn’t before. It also means the cinematic in the BoD raid make a little more sense.

Whilst I was running around doing quests I found this..somehow. It was so hidden I have no idea how i lucked upon it. I have now been blessed by all the Loa. Seriously can you even see anything in the picture the needs to be clicked on?

I did some cooking and some other daily quests and managed to get achievements, I wasn’t actively working towards but it is nice to get them 🙂 I always love it when something pops up. There used to be an addon that would take a screenshot when it happened but it stopped working years ago and I haven’t found a replacement – if you know one…let me know. It was called Multishotter and would also take pictures at boss kills, reputations…it was fantastic.

I also decided to do some expeditions to get some azerite (trying to increase my necklace) and I got achievements for all the new islands I hadn’t done but I also scored one pet out of the 3 heroic ones i ran. Stupidly, I kept thinking I was the blue team and was thinking we were losing each time….I am horde people….red….seriously…..

I have been doing my best to increase my gear, reputation and my necklace. I am revered with everything except Champions of Azeroth – I am midway into honoured – but my gear is at about 385 which is allowing to me to get some decent DPS. This makes me happy as well 🙂 I am so looking forward to the release of the new brawlers guild. I can’t wait to get back into it.

A3: pets galore!

I finally managed to get online to create a horde toon, was surprised to find that Dragonray was available and also I could fly from the starting zone to Orgrimmar and I didn’t have to spend 100 hours running there. Woo!

I posted on the forums with my Btag and was invited in about 3.5 minutes. Super fast by Jedikitten. The only reason I remember the name is because I wanted to make a star wars joke but couldn’t think of anything witty.

I nearly fell off my seat when I looked in their guild tab. This is Tab 1 and Tab 6 below – just to give you an idea of the pet scope I am talking about.

Tab 1 – Just check it out?!?!
All the way to Tab 6. Every single tab is like this.

I was seriously agog with the amount in there. I then spent some time working out all my duplicates (thank god for addons with filters), thankfully, I noticed there is a list of animals they don’t want donated. Unfortunately I didn’t read all the way to the bottom first as I was going through alphabetically – but the last line was…No vendor pets…oops.

But I donated all these guys to the adoption program and I think there was only a couple of vendor ones in there.

I cannot tell you how much you should join these guys if you are chasing pets. My next step was to update the forums with the pets I wanted from the bank. In total there was about 8 I don’t have, so it take a few weeks for me to complete them all but it will be awesome when I have everything. I just need a way to get more pets so I can donate more. I need a pet making profession.

Let me know if you go past though because it would be cool to know i sent you 🙂 It would be well worth supporting these guys so they can continue to offer pets to people who are discovering the joys of collecting and battling 🙂

A3 Pet Adoption…do it for the critters!

No, I am not kidding. You know when you find something you think is simply too good to be true…this is possibly it.

I know I haven’t been as pet focused lately and I do feel guilt for that, but this might be enough to get me back into it. What an amazing thing!

If you love pets you need to finish reading this post then head over to their website to sign up and get onto it.

I was trawling twitter a couple of days ago and stumbled across a RT by
Evolyn from A3 talking about adopting pets. So I had to follow up on it. I had no idea this was even happening – how could I have missed this!! Thanks Evolyn for RTing! The short version is; you join the guild on Bladefist Hordeside and then you check through their banked collection and request pets when the adoption week starts!!

This is simply a brilliant idea. You can read about how to get started on their forums here.

Here is the thing. I have so many pets duplicated but I can’t bear to release them because I figure someone surely wants them. But the people I know like Nelly and Ben have a metric tonne of the pets and don’t need what I have. This is perfect for them. They can get pets they are missing or even donate pets so other people can look after them. My plan this weekend is to jump online, create my toon, sign up on the forums and start going through my tradeable pets to donate.

So I tweeted them to make sure it was ok for me to write a post about them and share the love and knowledge of this unbelievable rehoming service! We have swapped a few DM’s as well but I wanted to show you my original tweet so you could understand my excitement about this. I used half my tweet allowance on “!”

I am so excited I am getting up early on Saturday morning to get the process started. This is the sort of stuff that makes me love WoW. This sense of community which is fostered by something as adorable little critters.

Ok, so I couldn’t help myself I signed up on the forums already as Dragonray 🙂 Say Hi if you see me around!


Did I ever tell you about the run we did a few weeks ago because Ben’s nephew cracked the wobblies at his uncle for not running anything with him?  If I didn’t, I am sorry but it was pretty hilarious.  If I have sorry, you are going to sit through the story again.

Ben decided to pull a group of us together to run his nephew, Hayden (sp?) through Motherlode and sadly Michael was not up to doing another mythic.  No one else was responding and so, I stupidly offered to heal.  From my memory it was Me healing, Drew tanking, Ben, Hayden and poor Simon.

We did motherlode as it is easiest to get to and it was horrific. I didn’t have any mouseover macros set up, I had no experience healing as a druid and even less just healing in general.  Hayden kept pulling extra mobs on his way back to the group after dying and Ben kept telling him off until he quietly said “well, I haven’t ever been here before!” Oh. Oops. Sorry love. It was so hilarious. The entire run was just a mess of everyone pulling threat and extra mobs and me trying to heal through it with all buttons that look green!!!  Thankfully that ended early as the server decided to do a restart and we were all put out of our misery.

So if that wasn’t enough of a horrid experience I offered to heal again just recently because we wanted to do a run but Michael was again, unavailable.  Noticing a theme here?? What is our heals doing!??! I believe he was going for a run…I mean…come on… WoW > Exercise? LOL.

It was well worth it though because we got a pet out of it!! It was the entire reason we chose King’s rest; to get the pet – since I was going to heal we figured it wouldn’t be too hard on me.

I only managed to kill people a few times as I set up my mouseovers before we went in which was so much better.  I have so much respect for healers because I have no idea how you heal and move at the same time.  I died on the Tribe of Elder boss after we killed the first one, so Ben laid his hands on Drew at one point and they managed to kill the boss without me.

I couldn’t cast anything in the embalmer room because those stupid slimes targeted me the entire time. I was – once again – cursing about them violently.  They don’t target random – they target me. Only.  Like the last boss in Motherlode – it is me – every single time with the missile. Every time.   I have  no idea how to heal when I literally spend the entire time moving. OMG I was angry.  I really  do not understand how healers have the calmness of mind to do the job.  I think raid healing would be much easier because you are not the only person there but 5 mans. It is like a stress level I cannot deal with, the only time I felt ok was when Drew had all the aggro and was the only taking actual damage, but the second someone else took aggro it was OMGWTFHEALZ!!!!!!! Horrid. HORRID!!  I also refuse to create a healing set when I am still trying to get a tanking set and keep my balance set up to date.  Too hard. TOO HARD BLIZZARD!!!

So how do we get the pet?  In the last boss room of King’s Rest, there are 2 large sarcophagi at the back of the room (left and right) and a far distance apart.  You need to have two people ready to stand on the little triangle/ shape on the ground in front of the sarcophagi just after you pull the boss – one left and one right.   The triangle shape will have no interaction.  Once you pull the boss, you need to wait for some tiny little fairy lights to appear around the triangle on the ground.  When you see the lights the two people stand on their own side and you have to stand there until the sarcophagi starts to shake and rumble.  It took about a minute for it to happen with us. So just be patient and have your healer keep the tank alive whilst you wait.   You can then kill the boss once you have the rumbling sarcophagi happen.

You cannot do it on heroic or keystone. You have to go in on mythic 0 only!

Grats on the How to Keep a Mummy achievement! Look how cute he is!?!?!  JUST LOOK!!!!


On the back of our very first guest post by Pracey, I thought I would write about my brawling experience the other night.  I had started the brawl guild a few weeks ago and managed to get stuck on rank 2 or something.  My intention was to get it done before xpac hits and thanks to a video we were watching,  Drew and I remembered to jump back in, so that is what we did the other night.

Can you even see my tiny little blood elf next to his huge chest? I snuck this picture whilst he was waiting to go in.  We actually did really well.  I got stuck on a couple of bosses, the worst one being the fire guy. Drew also got stuck on this one for a few attempts.  Stupidly RNG with the ball spawns but you just need to get the right combination and voila death to the infidel!

I cannot suggest enough,  if you attempt to do the Brawler’s Guilde check out Wowhead’s guide on it.  It is brilliant and I have used it every season. You can find it here. It lists everything neatly and easily with the relevant information easy to find.  I use it between fights to know what is coming up next.  Yup, you can flick between it and the game that quickly. Definitely use it.

I was chatting to Ben and telling him it was a great way to improve on your character as you have to be able to move, do burst damage and be aware within 2 minutes and was a bit of fun. He joined us later and was smashing the first few bosses before 30 seconds had even passed. This is him in action.  I do love the spectator option. I would love something like that for raiding 😀

The three of us were just cheering each other on and having a laugh.  I managed to get to the last boss, which I found difficult as I have only done Hellfire Citadel once (I think) and barely remember the content. All the attacks are based on bosses from that raid. I got it down after a few attempts learning what things needed to be focused on at each point – I think maybe 3 in total?  It really helps that we out gear the brawls quite significantly now.

I am King of the guild now!  Why not Queen? I have no idea…but I will take it!  We came back in the next night to complete the rest of Drew’s bosses and whilst he was doing that I was doing random fights for the achievement (and shirts).  I have so many damn shirts now! I have a few extra from that picture as I did even more than the anticipated 10 for the achievement.  I can’t wait for the next Trial of Style to rock around!

I know I am missing the entire joke behind this achievement I am Thralls complete lack of surprise and even wowhead has no insight…I am confused.

I went and grabbed my mount and pet, plus the heirloom.  I actually quite like the basilisk movement, but will need to actually ride it more and see if I could handle it long term.

It sort of has this S-motion with it’s body and tail when it walks.  Maybe it will be motion sickness inducing actually…lol.  Honestly for not much effort you could get another mount and pet if you are a collector.  It took us basically a couple of hours on 2 nights to get to the last boss and I would say there are 3-4 that might take you more than 2-3 of attempts at most.

I still need one more achievement which requires 2 more rumbles, so will try and get them over this coming weekend but it is highly dependant on other people who are in the queue and if they pay attention to what needs to occur.  (The “Rumbles” are an event which every person in the queue – at the time of purchasing the token – get entered into and you have to collectively do different things). Likely would be easier with a group of friends on discord so you can warn/coordinate.

Lost Mail

I have been randomly checking out Dalaran for the lost mail envelope. Not with any great amount of seriousness but just incase.  I actually found it last night!

It is a little bit of fun, and on the plus side if you get the first achievement completed you get another lost mail item to send to someone.

So you receive a quest to start you off:

You go and check out Madam Goya and some poor orcs life is spared as you turn up just in time for him to have paid off his debt to her.

The post master summons you after that to a pipe near the pet cemetery and you drop into an awesome looking room.  My new favourite location honestly.

It is such a cool room, floating mail and little elementals etc.  I adore everything about this room.  The post master sends you on a couple of missions, one carrying some heavy stones which is in relation to a story about someone who sent bricks through the postal service as it was the cheapest method of delivery. You can read about it here.

Once you complete that he sends you to ICC to collect Invincible Reins and then find Johnny Awesome who is relaxing by some hot springs.

This is where the fun starts for me, you are supposed to deal with a goblin. Except. The Goblins hate me. Mostly all of them.  I blame my Bloodsail Admiral title of course.

Of course it took me forever to realise the goblin wouldn’t talk to me, until Drew eventually notices a comment about reputation.  So I had to go to Tanaris and kill mobs for 5 rep per kill until I reached neutral with Gadgetzan.  Thankfully I had started working on my rep a few xpacs ago so it only took about 20  minutes with the super fast spawn rate of the pirates now.

After all that you get The Total Package. You get a lovely pet as well Mailemental, look how cute he is with his little envelope? Gah. I love the little details.

After sorting 30 envelopes in under 1 minute you also get an achievement Post Haste.  A name of a place pops up on screen and you have to select the correct mail tube for it to be sent into.  It is harder than is sounds.  Ultimately Drew completed this before me, after calling me a WoW nerd and saying I would be able to ace it.  I did then complete it after him so I don’t feel quite so guilty.

Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, Broken Isles is the order of the tubes above.  To get the Postmaster title you have to do it with only partial names.  So as an example Brill, Tirisfal Glades pops up and you select the Eastern Kindgom tube.  In the Postmaster achievement you would only get Brill pop up.  Tis ok for somewhere like Brill but when it gives you a random city from one of the xpacs it is so much harder.

I am not there yet…but I am going to keep going.

Pets – even more pets

You know some people just come into your life and no matter what bring you happiness and smiles and contentment.  This all stems from pets.

I logged into Dalaran and noticed my mailbox was needing to be read.  I open the box and notice multiple mails from the lovely Nelly again with more pets for me!  If i could crush on a person it would be Nelly at the moment with the pets 😀

These were the ones she sent me this time, and I sent some back to her because she had already given them to me last time! The joys of farming for transmog gear in old raids is you get pets.

My little micro sentry asking me very politely to be levelled next.  Gah such cuteness!!

My levelling queue in rematch is about 40 pets long at the moment. I did manage to get quite a few pets levelled on the recent bonus weekend – I just spent time near flight points battling everything I could.

I do need to start doing that again and likely it will happen over the next couple of weeks as my work life changes.

But there are so many things I want to express to Nelly and simply put – words can’t. I am so grateful to know her!! Not only for the pets but for being so awesome with the hellfire raid and being patient with me. So many hugs being sent via the internet!!

Thank you so much!

Pet Battles: Taming Draenor

Wow!  Just what a bunch of bastards!  Can I say that? Don’t tell Cymre I called her in game tamer that name.  She wouldn’t like it. But, oh my goddess!  She was hard.  So so so hard. That stupid idol was unkillable.

I did however manage to defeat her with this team above. It was a couple of days in the works and planning but I eventually got there.

We also need to briefly discuss this mod called “Rematch” – it is so brilliant!  So So So So So So brilliant. You can save teams, you can create a list of pets to be levelled, search by type, Strong against and tough vs.  It shows you what pets the trainer/tamers have etc etc etc.  If you pet battle and don’t use it – get onto it – and why did I not get this mod sooner!!

Veshan wasn’t too bad, I just seemed to have good luck with him and only did the fight a couple of times with the above group.  I don’t remember even using my cub on this fight fight.

Taralune was not the easiest but my pets were not all level 25, so it was a little bit of a challenge, ultimately better for my Whelping though.

Gargra was not as great for my leveller pet, I must have messed up the order to pet her into the battle, either way I managed to defeat her as well after a few attempts.  I think RNG works against me a lot more than some other people.

I didn’t take a photo of Tarr the terrible so I have zero recollection of the fight! Go Me! So I am sorry as I have no idea how I did it.  I think it only took me 1 attempt as well so it was super easy from memory.

Now I don’t know what else to chase.  I have to start working on the achievements to kill heaps of trainers with a team made up of each type.  That may take forever. Oh and the celestial tournament will be a focus soon.

5 more of these levels to go!!

So, I officially have 2 pets at level 20.  Woot!  Slowly but surely I am getting there, only 5 more levels to go and I can start smashing through the other pets I have…I hope…I have spent this week on early shifts at work which means early to bed and no time for raiding.  My game time therefore, has been pet battles.  I think I am doing quite well :)

My current team, I was really enjoying using a Sand Kitten, but their health was just too low…whilst my other pets were at 1100hp, the kitten was barely at 900…so I swapped for the mechano-bear you see here:

Current battle team

The group leaves a lot to be desired if I am honest, but I haven’t found any pets to replace other lower ones with yet, maybe now that I have the quest for outlands??

I completed eastern kingdoms and scored my first daily quest!!  YAY! Included with that win was a battle stone for a mechanical pet – squee!!

battle stone and daily

I then completed the Kalimdor ones as well, but sadly, we don’t get an achievement for completed the EK ones, so I will only ever have this as proof.  The old timer was my Oozling hitting 20 – I had wanted Onyxia to hit 20 first but she died on that fight, sadly..but she got it on the next fight so in my head I will consider her pretty close to being my first to 20.  I want her to be my first to 25 if I can wrangle it.  No deaths!!

Level 20 pet!!

I also noticed I was pretty close to getting all the types collected, so I dashed off to undercity to catch some ghosts and didn’t realise I would get these two achievements:

200 achievement points

I was just aiming for this one :

Collecting one of each

Overall though, I am pretty proud of my tenacity to keep going with this, I am not sure how much longer I will do it for, but I like collecting the animals in an area, so I may keep going for a while, but at this stage…I have two daily quests which will be worth it for the bandages.  Tempted to leave one of my other 90′s at the daily spots so i can just log between them to get to each spot easily….but I shall think on that.

Pretty impressive for a couple of days work if I do say so myself!

Slowly getting there

It is a very sow grind to 25 for me, I am doing so many things wrong because I can’t bear to see my little guys die…I probably could be 25 with a pet by now if I was made of tougher stuff.

I had some time before raid to spare and so I spent the afternoon just chilling out catch rares and levelling.

At un’goro and level 15, I discovered that I now have to battle 3 pets with the massive annoyance that more than one can be a blue quality in each battle…this was horrid.  HORRID design on blizzard’s behalf to tease and torment us like that!!  I am trying to collect pets here…don’t make it harder than it already is by making multiple pets of a nice quality. It happened multiple times, so heartbreaking!

Time for a leash

I now have 2 pets at level 16 – and one almost the same level,  I don’t really have a set team at this stage, I am just switching out collected pets for each fight that have higher health – only an issue as I am farming Tanaris because goblins don’t like me so I can’t use the stable and un’goro doesn’t have any stables…so…it was mighty painful trying to conserve the 2 pet bandages I had.  I wish I could buy more of them!!  I may be able to do the next pet tamer now though and fingers crossed score some more, I have to check that out.

However all is not lost, because my capture rate is pretty high:

High Quality

Given the amount of wild battles I have done I should hope so though!!

Master pet battler

So, now I will continue onward…I am not overly far away now from level 25…surely it gets faster…LOL…fingers crossed anyway.  I need to collect so many more animals – it is such an effort to not leave a place before I have them all…I do need to go back to Tanaris as I left before I had them all as my pets had outgown the area.  By outgrown, I mean I am trying to always be in a zone that is 1-2 levels higher than my pets for better xp…it is challenging and it means they are losing heaps of health each time, so maybe it is a waste of time actually…LOL…

I can’t wait until I get to 25!

SQUEE post of cuteness!!!

I haven’t posted about the extra cuteness I have managed to score over the last few weeks, oh, how adorable!!  I need to spend more time farming places and bosses, but I would like to get a set before WoD comes out and no one runs the content anymore.

Farming Timeless Isle for coins – I am now sitting on almost 50k I think, so halfway to my mount and porcupine now – still deciding if I even want to attempt the PVP pet….maybe I can get a group together and we can go around like a mob and kill anything flagged :)

Sorry, tangent – whilst farming rares – this guy dropped for me!!!

Skunky Alemental

Isn’t he just adorable!!  They are such a cute design – seriously Pandaria has some of the best looking companion pets!

And during an LFR of absolutely no Runestones, I got this instead which – let’s face it….is almost edible from cuteness…I just want to nibble on the little thing.


I died just after the taking of that image – as you can tell I am poisoned and I was hanging back to take piccies instead of being with the healers 🙂  But omg those little feet and that little eye…sooo cute!!!!

Let’s hoping I get a few more – I would love to get more pets!!

I joined the crazy club!

Since I joined the Frosties on Dath, my warrior has decided he is quite enamored and would like to stay for a while, I have no idea what they get up to when I am not around, but it must be good.  I suspect something to do with drumming and half naked tauren females of a suitable age, he does have such a soft spot for the feather headdress’.

Anyway,  getting off track there.

I have created a tauren druid to keep him company, however given my recent guild drama I may change that to a warlock /DK given they are the classes I have not levelled to max (or have any intention to) and i already have a druid…not sure I want to switch servers with all my toons though – it does get expensive when you have a few inter-dependant toons doesn’t it?  LOL  They really need to have a bulk discounted rate for people to move accounts and not just toons.

I also created a BE rogue to play with. I will see which one takes my fancy more over the next few weeks and see what happens.  My rogue is currently level 10 – two more levels to go and it will be the highest level rogue I have ever had.

You can definitely tell when someone is an addict – when they create a toon and have that many account pets that you get this achieventment :p  I have made her an enchanter and JC…an enchanter would be nice over this side for all my DE’ing needs 🙂

I decided that I love my druid so much, one wasn’t enough, so potentially, by baby druid will be resto and boomy…or maybe bear….but always boomy….ALWAYS!!   Isn’t she just gorgeous 🙂  She is currently sitting at level 8.  I stopped her to create my rogue simply because I may move my druid over to Dath.  Either way I am set to level a second druid- which means I have joined the club of those insane people that have multiple max level toons of the same class.  The majority seem to be Pallies and Druids – but I could never level another pally…that would just be hell I think  – it is for that reason I would never level another mage..they sucked so much during the levelling process in Vanilla, I could not do it again!


Also found a flying pig whilst levelling her…I was quite amused.


Shared Topic: Always want what you can’t have.

This week’s Shared topic was something I suggested because of the growing list of cool things in the game I want, but can’t have.

Initially, I have to blame my hunter for not being able to tame anything I wanted.

Let me explain 🙂

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It’s raining mounts…and pets…hallelujah it’s raining mounts!

Yes it is, I have been meaning to update the last few days and honestly, I have just been so focused on getting the few things done that I needed for the following fantastic show of mounts 🙂

Follow me behind the cut for all my pretties!

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Valentine’s Day

My hubby bought me the best present for V-day ever!!

Also – note my slutty outfit 🙂 I do need to redo the head and shoulders thanks to recent acquisitions!

Isn't she just gorgeous!

What a day for adventure :D

I have fially finished work and I am at home sick 🙁 So I decided to jump online this morning and farm for some of the new pets that have come out and what a day 🙂

I started with the sunflower – plants vs zombie style 🙂 I have closed up far too much PvZ time so figured it would be easy….well it wasn’t easy, but it certainly wasn’t hard 🙂 intense is probably more the right word!

Then I went and farmed for my Mr grubbs, so cool, you have to do a quest first to get the buff to be able to find the hudden stash bags.  Only took me about 30 minutes and voila!!

He is pretty awesome, he somersaults over head occasionally.   So here is abad picture of him jumping over me 😀

Then off to find Withers, I have to admit finding the cave was icky, with all the changes to Darkshore etc I had to climb everywhere to find it, but then I am an idiot when it comes to directions.   Kind of loks like the teldrassil sproutling thingie, but hey it’s another pet 🙂

Dropped past Org to so the croclosiks quest, which I do fairly often, I try to remember to go and check it out, but I have never gotten a pet out of it, until today.  I scored Snarly!!  Completely unexpected that drop 🙂

SO as if this wasn’t enough for me, I checked my bank balance and well yeah, I bought the two new pets from the store 🙂 ehehhe  So lil Rag can be used as a cooking fire as well apparently – have to test that out later I think 😀  And well the moonkin is just so gorgeous how could I say no 😀

So do you think I scored enough pets for the day :d hehehehe

dragonfyre the Pilgrim

Yup, finally got it!!

I spent about 2 hours the other night trying to to get to Exodar to do the final table, but for some reason I just kept doing things wrong. I kepy drowning of fatigure trying to get to teldrassil, kept forgetting to use my water walking potion :/ The the guards would be kill me before I had a chance to get onto the boat once I got onto Teldrassil, being they are level 85 now I must have managed to just run the exact path that gathered them all.

In the end I begged my husband to come with me so he could sacrifice himself and attract the guards whilst I ran through….We did this quote successfully and he said to me “Um what was so hard about that???” and I just felt so dumb……until I noticed him at a third health and shielded and healing…ahhhh so it was almost death for you as well…..hehehe

Anyway I am glad I got it done, means I have another pet, and another title 😀

I have also collected all the new tabards for the main cities – except undercity i think…I need to find their quartermaster, but pretty cool that I have a bunch of new tabards to wear. I don’t need the rep – except for the new Bilgewater Cartel obvioulsy once Cata drops. I am hoping they create some new achievements for collectors as we have gone stale – although I do still need to work on my mount one…I am 83 of 100….

Quick update

I have been extremely busy this last week, so haven’t really had a chance to update or indeed even play very much.

So I was appalled when I finally caught up on some wow news to find out the shattering was/is/had happened!! OMG I MISSED IT!!!

So I hastily jumped online late last night when i got home decided to just have a fly around the new areas – some of them – and start on my pilgrim’s bounty stuff before the weekend kills my chances of getting my damn turkey pet 🙂 GOBBLE GOBBLE!!

I have to say I was a completely confused by orgrimmar…I LOVE the changes – but I was so lost 🙂 It was exciting to be in the same world but not in the same world 🙂

I got most of my achievements done, I just need to do the instance, find some rogues and…I can’t remember i think I have one more…can’t remember what though. I have to do the dailies every day because I was stupid and didn’t realize the turkey shooter only had one use…yeah I just wasn’t paying attention, so I am hoping like hell I get enough of them before the end of the festival..I kept taking the clothes as rewards….<—-RTARD!!!

I have to actually do some work now, so I will post again later 😀

Hyacinth macaw and renaming my waterboy :D

Trying to get my rep back up from the Bloodsail Admiral title, and i decided to farm myself the Hyacinth macaw.  I go out to STV every few weeks and farm for a little while.  I would say I have farmed for maybe 9 hours in total down there, and that’s probably more than.  But I scored my Macaw today!!

Then after deciding to see if a rename worked, I changed by water elemental to Nereid, which is a water elemental spirit, in Greek Mythology they often accompany Poseidon and are associated with the Aegan Sea 😀

To change his name :

/run PetRename(“Goose”)

Obviously change Goose to whatever name you actually want to use.  This is also a permanent change and cannot be altered later 😀  Here he is with his wonderful new name 😀  Better than just “Water elemental” if you ask me!!!