A3: pets galore!

I finally managed to get online to create a horde toon, was surprised to find that Dragonray was available and also I could fly from the starting zone to Orgrimmar and I didn’t have to spend 100 hours running there. Woo!

I posted on the forums with my Btag and was invited in about 3.5 minutes. Super fast by Jedikitten. The only reason I remember the name is because I wanted to make a star wars joke but couldn’t think of anything witty.

I nearly fell off my seat when I looked in their guild tab. This is Tab 1 and Tab 6 below – just to give you an idea of the pet scope I am talking about.

Tab 1 – Just check it out?!?!
All the way to Tab 6. Every single tab is like this.

I was seriously agog with the amount in there. I then spent some time working out all my duplicates (thank god for addons with filters), thankfully, I noticed there is a list of animals they don’t want donated. Unfortunately I didn’t read all the way to the bottom first as I was going through alphabetically – but the last line was…No vendor pets…oops.

But I donated all these guys to the adoption program and I think there was only a couple of vendor ones in there.

I cannot tell you how much you should join these guys if you are chasing pets. My next step was to update the forums with the pets I wanted from the bank. In total there was about 8 I don’t have, so it take a few weeks for me to complete them all but it will be awesome when I have everything. I just need a way to get more pets so I can donate more. I need a pet making profession.

Let me know if you go past though because it would be cool to know i sent you 🙂 It would be well worth supporting these guys so they can continue to offer pets to people who are discovering the joys of collecting and battling 🙂

A3 Pet Adoption…do it for the critters!

No, I am not kidding. You know when you find something you think is simply too good to be true…this is possibly it.

I know I haven’t been as pet focused lately and I do feel guilt for that, but this might be enough to get me back into it. What an amazing thing!

If you love pets you need to finish reading this post then head over to their website to sign up and get onto it.

I was trawling twitter a couple of days ago and stumbled across a RT by
Evolyn from A3 talking about adopting pets. So I had to follow up on it. I had no idea this was even happening – how could I have missed this!! Thanks Evolyn for RTing! The short version is; you join the guild on Bladefist Hordeside and then you check through their banked collection and request pets when the adoption week starts!!

This is simply a brilliant idea. You can read about how to get started on their forums here.

Here is the thing. I have so many pets duplicated but I can’t bear to release them because I figure someone surely wants them. But the people I know like Nelly and Ben have a metric tonne of the pets and don’t need what I have. This is perfect for them. They can get pets they are missing or even donate pets so other people can look after them. My plan this weekend is to jump online, create my toon, sign up on the forums and start going through my tradeable pets to donate.

So I tweeted them to make sure it was ok for me to write a post about them and share the love and knowledge of this unbelievable rehoming service! We have swapped a few DM’s as well but I wanted to show you my original tweet so you could understand my excitement about this. I used half my tweet allowance on “!”

I am so excited I am getting up early on Saturday morning to get the process started. This is the sort of stuff that makes me love WoW. This sense of community which is fostered by something as adorable little critters.

Ok, so I couldn’t help myself I signed up on the forums already as Dragonray 🙂 Say Hi if you see me around!

Pet Battles: Taming Draenor

Wow!  Just what a bunch of bastards!  Can I say that? Don’t tell Cymre I called her in game tamer that name.  She wouldn’t like it. But, oh my goddess!  She was hard.  So so so hard. That stupid idol was unkillable.

I did however manage to defeat her with this team above. It was a couple of days in the works and planning but I eventually got there.

We also need to briefly discuss this mod called “Rematch” – it is so brilliant!  So So So So So So brilliant. You can save teams, you can create a list of pets to be levelled, search by type, Strong against and tough vs.  It shows you what pets the trainer/tamers have etc etc etc.  If you pet battle and don’t use it – get onto it – and why did I not get this mod sooner!!

Veshan wasn’t too bad, I just seemed to have good luck with him and only did the fight a couple of times with the above group.  I don’t remember even using my cub on this fight fight.

Taralune was not the easiest but my pets were not all level 25, so it was a little bit of a challenge, ultimately better for my Whelping though.

Gargra was not as great for my leveller pet, I must have messed up the order to pet her into the battle, either way I managed to defeat her as well after a few attempts.  I think RNG works against me a lot more than some other people.

I didn’t take a photo of Tarr the terrible so I have zero recollection of the fight! Go Me! So I am sorry as I have no idea how I did it.  I think it only took me 1 attempt as well so it was super easy from memory.

Now I don’t know what else to chase.  I have to start working on the achievements to kill heaps of trainers with a team made up of each type.  That may take forever. Oh and the celestial tournament will be a focus soon.

Pet battle Mania

ok, so I am slightly going crazy with the pet battles, but I have been sick and I couldn’t get any sleep yesterday due to the contraction works happening on our street.  I couldn’t even watch TV they were so loud, so I figured I would update my blog, and then that got me hankering to be in game, so I jumped in with the intention of doing nothing, but it didn’t hurt my head too much….so I did some pet battles…it took the least amount of effort.

I scored some cool achievements as well, which always makes me happy.

My team is now 23/22 level and I am pretty close to getting that one to 25 which will help the rest get there.  I went off and did my 2 dailies before I headed to outland.

perts lvl 23

Given that outland is such a small place I figured I would just collect everything in every zone I needed to.  That was my goal.

On the way to getting my Safari achievement I got an extra pet without much effort on my first capture in Outland:

More pets!!!

feral v

He is a cute little bugger isn’t he?  Especially those bright red eyes?

So deciding to just fly to every zone in Outland didn’t sound that hard….but really..it was horrible :p However I have managed to maul enough animals in zones to make it worthwhile before I had done much in Nagrand.

Master Pet Hunter


Then after travelling around trying to find a Brown Marmot and a rat, I managed to get these little puppies.

Outland Safari


Outland Tamer

Now, I have 2 more levels to get…2 MORE!!!!  OMG!!!  SO darn close :)

5 more of these levels to go!!

So, I officially have 2 pets at level 20.  Woot!  Slowly but surely I am getting there, only 5 more levels to go and I can start smashing through the other pets I have…I hope…I have spent this week on early shifts at work which means early to bed and no time for raiding.  My game time therefore, has been pet battles.  I think I am doing quite well :)

My current team, I was really enjoying using a Sand Kitten, but their health was just too low…whilst my other pets were at 1100hp, the kitten was barely at 900…so I swapped for the mechano-bear you see here:

Current battle team

The group leaves a lot to be desired if I am honest, but I haven’t found any pets to replace other lower ones with yet, maybe now that I have the quest for outlands??

I completed eastern kingdoms and scored my first daily quest!!  YAY! Included with that win was a battle stone for a mechanical pet – squee!!

battle stone and daily

I then completed the Kalimdor ones as well, but sadly, we don’t get an achievement for completed the EK ones, so I will only ever have this as proof.  The old timer was my Oozling hitting 20 – I had wanted Onyxia to hit 20 first but she died on that fight, sadly..but she got it on the next fight so in my head I will consider her pretty close to being my first to 20.  I want her to be my first to 25 if I can wrangle it.  No deaths!!

Level 20 pet!!

I also noticed I was pretty close to getting all the types collected, so I dashed off to undercity to catch some ghosts and didn’t realise I would get these two achievements:

200 achievement points

I was just aiming for this one :

Collecting one of each

Overall though, I am pretty proud of my tenacity to keep going with this, I am not sure how much longer I will do it for, but I like collecting the animals in an area, so I may keep going for a while, but at this stage…I have two daily quests which will be worth it for the bandages.  Tempted to leave one of my other 90′s at the daily spots so i can just log between them to get to each spot easily….but I shall think on that.

Pretty impressive for a couple of days work if I do say so myself!

Slowly getting there

It is a very sow grind to 25 for me, I am doing so many things wrong because I can’t bear to see my little guys die…I probably could be 25 with a pet by now if I was made of tougher stuff.

I had some time before raid to spare and so I spent the afternoon just chilling out catch rares and levelling.

At un’goro and level 15, I discovered that I now have to battle 3 pets with the massive annoyance that more than one can be a blue quality in each battle…this was horrid.  HORRID design on blizzard’s behalf to tease and torment us like that!!  I am trying to collect pets here…don’t make it harder than it already is by making multiple pets of a nice quality. It happened multiple times, so heartbreaking!

Time for a leash

I now have 2 pets at level 16 – and one almost the same level,  I don’t really have a set team at this stage, I am just switching out collected pets for each fight that have higher health – only an issue as I am farming Tanaris because goblins don’t like me so I can’t use the stable and un’goro doesn’t have any stables…so…it was mighty painful trying to conserve the 2 pet bandages I had.  I wish I could buy more of them!!  I may be able to do the next pet tamer now though and fingers crossed score some more, I have to check that out.

However all is not lost, because my capture rate is pretty high:

High Quality

Given the amount of wild battles I have done I should hope so though!!

Master pet battler

So, now I will continue onward…I am not overly far away now from level 25…surely it gets faster…LOL…fingers crossed anyway.  I need to collect so many more animals – it is such an effort to not leave a place before I have them all…I do need to go back to Tanaris as I left before I had them all as my pets had outgown the area.  By outgrown, I mean I am trying to always be in a zone that is 1-2 levels higher than my pets for better xp…it is challenging and it means they are losing heaps of health each time, so maybe it is a waste of time actually…LOL…

I can’t wait until I get to 25!

Pet Battles

After much deliberation I have started on the happy and excruciating task of killing poor little creatures in an attempt to level my pets.  So far, I have found it annoying, and depressing and overall, I am not sure I am cut out for it in the long run.  I can’t bring myself to kill the other animals, so I have been capturing them and releasing them when I get three of them.  Is that pathetic or  what?  Don’t get me started on the guilt when I kill one by accident 🙁  Yet, when mine get killed do you think there is any remorse from the other animals???  NO !!!  And the jerk pet trainers laugh at me!!  And Cheer!!!  it’s horrid….

I have a couple of different teams, only because I am trying to get them to the same level so I can go to the same areas and train them all up at once, I have a couple at level 5 through to 9 and then a few between 3 and four.  Currently I am levelling: onyxia, voodoo figurine, Panther cub, Chuck, disgusting oozeling, darkmon glowfly, squirrel and murkablo.  I have a couple of others I want to level, but since they are poor quality I am reticent to do so.  The little black ram is awesome, but I need to capture some more to find an uncommon one at least…or..maybe I should just use the upgrade thing I got in a supply bag…yeah I might do that!!

I was running around loch modan then decided to read some guides by a few bloggers, this lead me to battling trainers, currently I am unable to best the trainer in STV as my pets are too low. I need to spend more time levelling them.

I do wonder if i need to set up some toons with set teams and just move them around. Is that easier? Honestly I don’t know…my original plan was to get them in the same rough area, then level 3 to the next area, get the next group up to the same level, then keep going until the current lot are maxxed for the zone, then move on.  But it is taking much much much longer then I anticipated.  I think I need to start killing the creatures 🙁

For all my effort i have managed to score some achievements!

pet battle more

Pet battles

More to come, I am sure, if I continue to level them before the boredom sets in.  However I would like to at least attempt the Celestial tournament thingie….one day

Raid Team, guilds and throwing down

So, after some pretty heavy recruiting, we managed to get the last few spaces filled in what will hopefully be our core team for raiding.

As it stands though, I have 2 more people that need to start getting focused on their gear, with another 2 at just below the 460 point and the rest of us in full 463 gear.

Not too bad, however I had hoped that we would have been raiding by now.  The plan is now hopeful for Wednesday and at that point, I will start recruiting over those not ready.  It has been well and truly long enough for everyone to get geared and ready, if the GM can level an entirely new toon and be ready I will not believe that other people cannot do 5 levels and gear in the same amount of time.  To me that shows a distinct lack of dedication to the progression focus we want to have.

I don’t want to be server first and beating other guilds etc, but I don’t want to be waiting around for months before we set foot in there either.  I do want us to be ready so go in, do well and lay some smackdown.  A friend GM from another guild was telling me about their attempts in MV and I was amazed – they have a raid tested and proven raid team and they are dealing with laziness, how in hell will we do.  We have a largely untested raid team – all seemingly good players in heroics and in LFR – aside from me – so how will we go as a group.

This is one of the reasons I want to get in there ASAP, if people can’t handle it, I want to know sooner rather than later.  I want to make sure we get the best group we can. I want to be like the Frosties (who i miss immensely) and be getting heroic final boss kills for mounts and achievements. I don’t want to be scraping for kills an xpac later.

Small things weighing on my mind huh ?!??

In other news though, the guild is a smidge off getting to level 25!!  When I logged off last night it was 82% through level 24, so it may even happen today if we are lucky.

I have done no pet battles, in fact the idea of having to level my actual pets makes me want to cry.  As far as I can tell, and I have been so focused on raiding plans I have ignored reading everything else, I have to move my pets to areas of the same level…but really…effort – not something I have at the moment with that 🙂

Dailies.  Yes I have been Mrs Slack when it comes to those little buggers!  I was diligent the first few days and did ALL of them, but now…I am just not even doing any – mainly because I am trying to get heroics happening to get people gear, and doing runs for people as well.  I spent a couple of hours last night chasing the Lorewalkers thing instead of doing “important” dailies :p  But I now have a cloud to fly around on!!  I shall probably seriously start my dailies again this week.  Maybe.  …  possibly.

I also got over my fear of starting a PUG group and organised one for Sha of Anger.  Well really i just invited a bunch of people who then took over and I really couldn’t be bothered arguing.  But hey, I started it instead of not…so kudos to me 🙂  I was a little mortified when they started booted everyone below 90 and abusing them for being moochers and they should be leveling instead of trying to get loot off raid bosses.

Sorry for the long post and no pictures 🙂 but wrap your arms around yourself and have a free hug from me – if you made it this far you deserve it!