Less Rabi

The one achievement that strikes fear into my heart.  I really don’t know how many times I tried to get this achievement done.  Every time I went into Gundrak – we attempted it – and every time we failed.  I can’t say I chased it…I figured that one day it would happen…..That day was yesterday. … Read More Less Rabi

Day 5: Favourite item in game

Helps if I publich these posts after typing them up instead of just leaving them pending – sorry for spamming with updates 🙂 My favourite item in game took me a while to come up with, because I have so many items I love – I am a collector after all! My hyacinth macaw comes… Read More Day 5: Favourite item in game

dragonfyre the Pilgrim

Yup, finally got it!! I spent about 2 hours the other night trying to to get to Exodar to do the final table, but for some reason I just kept doing things wrong. I kepy drowning of fatigure trying to get to teldrassil, kept forgetting to use my water walking potion :/ The the guards… Read More dragonfyre the Pilgrim

Busy little beaver…sexy achievements and mounts :D

I got some more mount love…no it wasn’t he headless horseman – it was the green proto-drake from those damn eggs!! YAY!!  I have no idea how many eggs I have cracked, but finally it paid off…now just deciding if I want to work up my frenxyheart rep and get the other achievements for that…..tis… Read More Busy little beaver…sexy achievements and mounts 😀

Sometimes if you pray really hard….

I do my dailies fairly randomly, there is one daily I am fairly set on doing, as it drops a mount, like that damn egg, I keep trying. Today whilst doing the daily I was praying to all the Azerothian gods, that today would be the day I got lucky. Comparatively to some people, I… Read More Sometimes if you pray really hard….

Long time coming!

I have been working towards this for a long time, inconsistently, on some reps, but finally!! I have 35 reputations at exalted! The one that tipped me over was Netherwing, which I was working towards for my drakes to get my 100 mount achievement, it will put me slightly closer to that, but still miles… Read More Long time coming!


About bloody time if you ask me 😀 To give you an idea, I did all the bosses bar Thrall on 18/04/09 and I have finally done Thrall today!! Over a year to complete the damn thing….that really can’t be right….LOL but I am guessing the achievements don’t fib. I really wanted to get it… Read More FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!

NEW Drake!!

Shame I can’t use it 🙂 Ran heroic Occ on my pally and guess what I got out of my bag, what was even funnier was get was hubby got in his bag as well!! Yup – Blue drakes!! Mine has been placed in my bank next to the bronze drake I will one day… Read More NEW Drake!!

Finally! Fuck yes!

So finally after about the last 4 weeks for running OBS 3D zerg, I finally managed to get it done!! I estimate I spent about 500g on repairs for the wiping I suffered in that place!  I went a couple of times with guildies, but it just never happened, we kept getting close every few… Read More Finally! Fuck yes!

New Mount

So I got my new silver covenant mount last night 😀  YAY 150 tokens later.  So now I just have to save up another bucketload of seals. There are 5 tabards I want @ 50 seals each. 2 more pets @ 40 Seals each (alliance side) 5 more pets @ 40 seals each for horde… Read More New Mount