Yeah, busy like beavers…you thought I was going to the gutter again didn’t you :p naught naughty readers!!! I have barely been online this past week due to things..just random things, but things nonetheless. Our guild got to level 10, I missed it sadly, but I was there for our level 11 ding!  YAY! I …

And so it starts

I spent last night’s shut down, updating our guild forums with strats and info for the MoP raids coming up 🙂 Yes, I am slightly obsessed about it all.  I really want the guild to succeed and push content.  I doubt we are a server first kind of guild, given I don’t know what kind …


Sorry post heavy today!!! 25 September 2012!!!! MOP IS RELEASED!! I have just ordered my collectors edition, and hubby will be ordering the digital deluxe – I am forcing him to as I think he will like the mount 🙂 SQUEEEEE!!! My excitement has peaked today and I can’t deal with it!!

Mists of Panderia – talents

Let me start this post by stating right here and now…I dislike Blizzard’s idea of making it impossible to choose what talents I want! They have added some absolute crackers to the trees and I am drooling with anticipation….