Pax 2019

What a wonderful 3 day event again! It was so much fun. Before we even get started onto the rest of the weekend, let me start by the Thursday night (before guild dinner) heading to PAX for Pracey and Stabz to pick up their tickets we ran into AMY T FALCONE!!! and Kris Straub! I… Read More Pax 2019

Guild Dinner

Every year before PAX there seems to be a tradition of having a guild meet up, this year was no different. We had dinner at Vapiano’s in the CBD this year and quite a few people came along, even some interstaters 🙂 Here are some pictures of the night, it was actually a pretty early… Read More Guild Dinner

We return to your regular scheduled programming :)

Sorry I have been so absent. A month is a super long time in the blogging world but honestly I have been so busy over the last month (Thanks Christmas and New Years) that I couldn’t fit time for blogging or WoW or anything much else but cooking, cleaning and entertaining friends. Christmas was a… Read More We return to your regular scheduled programming 🙂

Inconsistency breeds unhappiness

So they say anyway. I may have just made that up as well. I am sorry dear readers for my inconsistency this last few weeks, real life has been a challenge and WoW is also causing me struggles. First RL – I am generally just home later these days and given how early we are… Read More Inconsistency breeds unhappiness


Drew bought BlizzCon tickets and it took us way too long to realise they actually have a TV app for apple and chrome.  Don’t make our mistake next year by fluffing about for hours to get the laptop connected and everything running only to discover you could have just downloaded an app 🙂  I was… Read More BlizzCon

Pax Aus and dying

Pax Aus happened recently and it was, as always, an amazing weekend of friends, laughter, gaming and sore af feet. The weekend started with our guild meet up on Thursday night which I have already posted about and I honestly meant to post about Pax much sooner than now but we were super busy with… Read More Pax Aus and dying

Guild meetup

We organised a guild meet up the weekend of PAX and I hadn’t expected 17 people to actually show up!! I organised for Hofbrauhaus to host us, it is oktoberfest after all and I thought it would be good to have a nice relaxing dinner before PAX festivities. Unfortunately I didn’t realise they would be… Read More Guild meetup

Your absence is duly noted!

I would like to be able to give you some wonderful story of redemption, quests, adventure and dragons to explain where I have been,  sadly it is just life. Adjusting to a new routine is taking longer than expected and I honestly am not feeling great about it. I am highly stressed and missing a… Read More Your absence is duly noted!

The Xpac Killer

I feel they need an actual name. Like The Punisher or Green Goblin. Xpac-in-ator….The Destroyer of Raids…. The boss who comes in early, can’t follow the timers in DBM and then causes wipes randomly throughout the attempts. Worst designed boss ever….or maybe it is brilliantly devious? Since the announcement we have managed to pull together… Read More The Xpac Killer

Life and auctions

My posts are going to be a little erratic over the next couple of weeks, I will try and reduce how much so, but I have started a new job with longer hours and more travel.  This requires a period of adjustment which I just didn’t think about all that much until I realised how… Read More Life and auctions

Mythic invitationals.

Due to Drew and my birthdays this week, we had some of our best friends come down from Sydney to attend our birthday dinner.  It was an amazing night and the weekend was made better with table top gaming included when possible. During periods of food though and a fair chunk of Sunday morning we… Read More Mythic invitationals.

My set up

After fixing bits and pieces post-KL I decided to start my pet project to make our pc gaming room more ‘geek’. We have, for the longest time, kept saying we needed to make our home feel more like us yet we just don’t seem to get round to doing it. I have so many posters… Read More My set up

IRL Ding!!

It is my birthday today. Another year older and another year addicted to my favourite game. I wish there was something you could do in game on your birthday which gave you a random mount or pet based on the ones missing from your collection. Like a spin the wheel or once off mini boss… Read More IRL Ding!!

Back on Aussie soil :D

For the last two months we were in Malaysia for work and we finally flew home on Good Friday/Easter Saturday.  This is why there has been few posts this week.  I am simply just exhausted from the time zone change, including DST change as well. So I apologise for that! It was a long flight… Read More Back on Aussie soil 😀

Going Overseas

I have mentioned it previously however my hubby was sent for work to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia for originally 4 weeks, it got extended to 9 weeks just prior to him leaving (1.5 days prior). He requested I be approved for a week annual leave to come visit him as 9 weeks is a very long time. Instead, work… Read More Going Overseas

What’s been going on and where am I?

Essentially I have had to step down from raiding with the guild. To give you an idea why, I have no free weekends between now and July, I have something on every single weekend – including a trip to Adelaide, Wodonga and Tasmania!!  I have a few concerts on and then our yearly cluster of… Read More What’s been going on and where am I?

Non WoW: Eurovision!!!!!!

This weekend is Eurovision! By the time this post is live, I will be waiting for the Grand Final to start and I will be likely completely excited and bouncing around the house like a crazy person. I have been obsessed with Eurovision for a little while now, because my husband – bless him –… Read More Non WoW: Eurovision!!!!!!

Lom’s Birthday

We have another birthday today!! My gorgeous, wonderful, smart, funny, sexy, patient, caring and loyal husband to be exact. This is just a quick post to thank him for all the years we have spent together and I look forward to many more!  I hope you have a fantastic day sweetheart – both in and… Read More Lom’s Birthday


for Dragonray (the real one)     I am getting old my friends, but I am still in love with WoW as much as I was when I first started.  Another year has flown past and I am promising myself that I will get overseas before my next birthday. Some things I want to be… Read More Ding!

That’s depressing :(

Whilst fiddling with my site I came across some really depressing search terms  I have no idea why they have brought people to my blog – I am half tempted to test it out and see what the connection is. Tell me what you think about the following couple of things?  How does my blog relate… Read More That’s depressing 🙁