After spending a few hundred dollars and regemming some of my gear – I am now sitting pretty on 3008 Spell damage!!!  When i self buff with Arc Int it goes up to 3018 😀  That does not include potions/food, raid buffs!!! AM SOOOO EXCITED!!?!?!?!!?!? Will be cool to see if it makes any difference… Read More POWA!!!!

Sindragosa is the new Thaddius :D

Well at atleast for us she is,we have no spent 2 weeks screwing up on the third phase. By that I mean, some people are finding the concept hard to stand in a group until the ice tomb hits. We were starting to see it come together last night, but still far too many people… Read More Sindragosa is the new Thaddius 😀

More firsts for my magey :D

Last night in ICC I got to see Dreamwalker, Professor and blood princes all killed for the first time. Aside from a little issues on Professor as one of our tanks learnt how to drive the Abom (we normally have a dps do it), it was a good night, was a little messy in some… Read More More firsts for my magey 😀

Moar EPIX!!

Went into ICC 10 for the first time in a very long time and it was caster drop night 🙂 I scored four pieces, three actual gear pieces – which are upgrades on my ilvl 232 gear and then 2 weapons…one was as word – can’t remember the name of and the other was the… Read More Moar EPIX!!

Gear upgrades and stuff :D

I went into an ICC 25 man raid and I won a ring and a glove upgrade, I then went into VOA25 and won a pair of tier pants.  So three upgrades in one night, got to love that if you ask me! My Gearscore according to wow-heroes went from 2406 to 2967 or something,… Read More Gear upgrades and stuff 😀

Blood Princes !!! 9/12 now :D

Can you believe it!!  We are now 9/12 now!! Only a couple more to go and We will be seeing the Lich King!!! From the info I was given the guildies spent about 3 hours learning the fight and getting them to 4% on their last shot the other night, so they went back in… Read More Blood Princes !!! 9/12 now 😀

8/12 ICC – Putricide dead!

My guildies finally killed Professor putricide last night! YAY!! Can’t really explain how excited I am for them! This is a very good thing – a major boost for their morale I would say! They were getting closer every week, just lacking some DPS in most cases, but they were getting consistent 15% last week,… Read More 8/12 ICC – Putricide dead!

Bad gear choices are still gear choices :)

I have been, for the last few weeks/months not been ingame and raiding, therefore my stash of frostie badges has not grown fast nor have I had the chance to upgarde via drops all that much. So I was in previously mentioned ICC 25 man and I got 2 things out of that run. Enough… Read More Bad gear choices are still gear choices 🙂

ICC 25 Pug, tier 10 and random

I sneaked online last night to play whilst the hubby was out having drinks with work mates, and I found I only needed like 8 badges to get my Tier 10 pieces. Well I mean 2 of them. So after some discussion I did the Weekly raid and spent almost 40 minutes doing Flame Leviathan,… Read More ICC 25 Pug, tier 10 and random

7/12 ICC

We got Dreamwalker down!! Well up…. Either way, we are now 7/12 ICC and chugging along, it is taking us a little longer than expetced to get to it, but we are getting there. Professor is still a pain, but we are managing to get through the other bosses 😀 Apparently there was some trouble… Read More 7/12 ICC


So once again I am reminded that I judge too harshly 🙂 Last night the guys went into ICC and one shot Rotface…let me remind you that we have been working on him for weeks…we finally get him down and next time is a one shot? They were getting the professor down to 55% consistently… Read More Raiding


So rotface, 50%, 47& an 46% and then all hell broke loose 😀 eheh But considering the other nights we were in there we didn’t get to 80% and we had no control over the slimes whatsoever, last night was a massive improvement.  We had a practice in the hallway first which I think helped… Read More GRR ARGH!

Fester and Rot

Sounds about right if you ask me……What a insane night!! OK firstly one shot on Festergut – was UBER!!  Not much to say really, we went in and we kicked butt, then we left 😀 So to Rotface, let me just say, I know Blizz are trying to make this game more appealing to the… Read More Fester and Rot

Why oh why patch night!!

ICC, what a night…the day after patch…why do we even think about raiding. So what started off as laggy only ended up getting worse, mid fight every time, someone would be advising they were lagged. I t was horrid. However, despite that, we managed to get the first wing cleared.  We basically had to 2… Read More Why oh why patch night!!

Catch up

So a fair few things have been going on and I have not been updating 🙂 Patch 3.3 dropped 2 weeks ago, with Icecrown Citadel raid being released with 4 bosses.  They will release the rest over stages, I think due to the Xmas break there is a break of about 28 days before the… Read More Catch up