FLYING!!!!! again

I got my flying a while ago and since then, have been trying to encourage my husband to get his. I think he may officially be the last person to get it…ever. Once Apop and I had it we were really trying to tell him how much better it was and easier everything gets. He… Read More FLYING!!!!! again

Expeditions of fun!

OMG! I hadn’t thought they would be as much fun. I think it depends on who you do them with though, I could see these being horrible with PUGS. Our first one was Whispering Reef and Pracey was trying to explain everything to us whilst ensuring we didn’t fail. We did cream the alliance AI… Read More Expeditions of fun!

120!! Ding!

We finally hit 120 whilst questing through Nazmir. We only 1 more of the quest chains to complete for the achievement so I think we did well to get there! WOO! Always feels good to get that last level. However I was a little disappointed I didn’t get anything. No new spell, or talent or… Read More 120!! Ding!

This feels like it is taking a while

We are now 116 after missing out on Saturday due to real life so our goal was for 115 today.  I am happy to have gotten an extra level. The following post contains spoilers, mainly in picture form but possibly some things you haven’t seen yet. Especially if you have avoided beta and reading up… Read More This feels like it is taking a while

Thank Yogg I will never have to do that again.

A few weeks ago I asked my buddies if they wanted to get the Lucid Nightmare mount and for a multitude of reasons we never managed to actually get a time for us to be online as a group. (Explains why no mythics either hey?)  So…hubby and I sort of…did it anyway…without them. I do… Read More Thank Yogg I will never have to do that again.

Going Overseas

I have mentioned it previously however my hubby was sent for work to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia for originally 4 weeks, it got extended to 9 weeks just prior to him leaving (1.5 days prior). He requested I be approved for a week annual leave to come visit him as 9 weeks is a very long time. Instead, work… Read More Going Overseas

Lom’s Birthday

We have another birthday today!! My gorgeous, wonderful, smart, funny, sexy, patient, caring and loyal husband to be exact. This is just a quick post to thank him for all the years we have spent together and I look forward to many more!  I hope you have a fantastic day sweetheart – both in and… Read More Lom’s Birthday

I think i got bored…

then I woke up and remembered how much more I have to get done in game. Yes, I have WoW dreams. I also have dreams about Glee and karate.  I have “How to train your Dragon” dreams. Life is sort of just chugging along at the moment, hubby and I have quested through Vash’j and… Read More I think i got bored…

Shammy bear and other news

Hubby and I stayed up until 3am last night…3AM!!!  Oh hell! We got our toons to 85 though and then ran a couple of dungeons on them. It is a little exciting, but my shammy is now 85!  His pally is also 85! This makes it my 5th toon to max and his 3rd, with… Read More Shammy bear and other news