Oh what a night!

I am reminded that I did not post about our raid on Sunday….omg…it was well worth a mention to 🙂 We have lost a healer and a tank somewhere to the maelstrom.  So we need to recruit – anyway with only 9 available raiders online we decide to at least start DS – we 9… Read More Oh what a night!

Raiding as fire

I did my first raid the other night as full fire, and it was…interesting….to say the least…I suck at rotations at this stage…I kept getting flustered when things would proc, I have also discovered my UI SUCKS! I have cast bars over other bars and I can’t see boss debuffs, and I can’t seem to… Read More Raiding as fire

Mages, druids and everything in between…

I have completely changed my mage to be full fire spec..I figured I may as well give it a shot – worst case I just have to reforge and gem again if I fail.  I am very hit and miss with it at the moment, I would like to see what it is like in… Read More Mages, druids and everything in between…

Sunday Share: Achievements

Sometimes I need help with achievements, how to get them done, what ones I can do, what I have yet to do. Yes, wowhead has comments etc, but I like how http://www.wow-achievements.com/Overall.aspx lays out their site. I enjoy wading through the achievements and deciding which ones I can do – or need to do. It… Read More Sunday Share: Achievements

Day 12: Usual Day in the your life/online time.

o.O Day 12 you are a hard one! The first and last thing I always do for my online time is check my auction house toon.  I suck at playing the AH, but I certainly give it my best shot. Because hubby and I have so many toons on the go, everything that can be… Read More Day 12: Usual Day in the your life/online time.

Day 11: Bad Habits and Flaws.

This is a very very bad thing to write about because I have so few flaws or bad habits!!  :p Yeah right!  I am like everyone else I suppose I have had some major habits and issues over the my lifetime, but as we grow, and change and our life develops we learn to adapt… Read More Day 11: Bad Habits and Flaws.

Day 10: Favourite Blogs/Websites

It has been a while since I have had a chance to do another one of these posts, so I figured now was a good time as any. Favourite websites – is a very easy one for me, I only have a small amount I like to go to for WoW related information that I… Read More Day 10: Favourite Blogs/Websites

Day 8: 10 things you don’t know about me

Well considering no one in the blogosphere knows me, I can pretty safely say any 10 things and get away with it?  I should try and make them slightly interesting though, shouldn’t i? I want to have a career as a photographer. I live in a regional area. My favourite music is Symphonic Goth Metal…Nightwish,… Read More Day 8: 10 things you don’t know about me

Day 3 : first day playing wow

My first day I simply don’t remember, it was so long ago and I just have no recollection of that day! However I am going to take poetic license and talk about the first time I was told and consequently shown WoW. My husbands best mate was down for the weekend – yes with his… Read More Day 3 : first day playing wow

Day 1 – 20 days of…- Introduce yourself

*wave* So this is my first post in a series of 20 from Spellbound. I am a 30 something Australian female, married to an amazing man, we have no kids (and no plans either). 2 dogs and 1 cat are our children and that is more than enough babysitting for me. I have been playing… Read More Day 1 – 20 days of…- Introduce yourself

MIA and time to catch up!

Yeah I was missing in action 😀 Happy New years and all that jazz!!!  I hope everyone had a great night?  Tell me stories!!  heehh Mine was a very quiet night, the weather was too hot to permit much drinking, so we just chilled out and leveled worgens 🙂  Yes our new years tradition is… Read More MIA and time to catch up!

Shared Topic – Real life and game life

I know we recently had a topic about what WoW has taught us, but I posted the other day about my real life job affecting my in game persona. Do you think your real life job affects how you see people/situations in game and do you use the same methods in game you would use… Read More Shared Topic – Real life and game life

Does your RL job affect your GL job?

I have just had an epiphany of wow proportions I think? I posted on my personal blog this morning the following post: http://onyxiia.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/this-is-my-life-why-i-resigned/ I think this is a major factor as to why I could not be an effective guild leader in the eyes of some people. My real life job is about managing relationships,… Read More Does your RL job affect your GL job?

Busy little beaver…sexy achievements and mounts :D

I got some more mount love…no it wasn’t he headless horseman – it was the green proto-drake from those damn eggs!! YAY!!  I have no idea how many eggs I have cracked, but finally it paid off…now just deciding if I want to work up my frenxyheart rep and get the other achievements for that…..tis… Read More Busy little beaver…sexy achievements and mounts 😀

Raid leadership

I found this little article and thought it was exactly how I feel and had to link it 😀 http://blacksen.com/archives/659 Effective Raid Leadership: Emotional Intelligence By Blacksen – October 4, 2010Posted in: Effective Raid Leadership, Guild Leadership, World of Warcraft One of the things that I often enjoy doing is analyzing the benefits that I’m… Read More Raid leadership

Shared Topic – Online persona/Names

What takes the longest to choose, is the first thing people see, and is the one thing they always remember about you and your character? Your name. How did you decide upon the name for your character(s)? Did you delve into Norse, Greek, or Roman mythology? Did you choose a name from one of your… Read More Shared Topic – Online persona/Names