Guest: Pracey, the Brawler

Guest post – cherry popped.

Dragonray/elle suggested I do some Brawlers Club tonight so I could learn to stop going into panic mode and hammering buttons that are on cooldown constantly, however at the time I was doing some… what’s the name of that place where the Sunwell raid is? (Isle of Quel’d’nas?) – I was doing that at the time, getting some rep and trying to complete a transmog set. Still not there with either.

Aaanyway, later on I finally turned up and although I didn’t realise straight away that I was standing next to them – lo and behold both Mithraic and Dragonray were present:

Dragonray, resplendent as always
Mithraic, hiding behind boxes with his mates
Can you see me?

I did some Brawlers Guild ages back on Tardin, my Shadow Priest (he has tentacles guys – tentacles!), and remember being really pissed off and frustrated so I hadn’t been here in a few years. After Mithraic and Dragonray left for real-life stuff like food and sleep I discovered that this Brawlers thing gets harder. I got up to some bit with ghostly Pandaren floating around the place and blue squares on the floor. It didn’t go well.

I mostly enjoyed watching other people get their arses handed to them, occasionally remembering to take a screenshot:

Groups of arses in the process of being received
No asses to be handed here

Level 1 feels about right in terms of difficulty. After all, I did almost get one-shot by a penguin (hello Lay on Hands!), but hey – who hasn’t had that happen to them?

This was a short night, but I did get a cheevo (what the cool kids call achievements, or so I’m told) for my first Brawl. Colour me disappointed that I didn’t get another each time I was successful.

Gives me hope :D

I should really post about this to keep my faith in humanity alive.

Not that the people I am writing about are likely to read this post, however I was questing on my mage yesterday, doing my dailies in Jotenheim and noticed the Valk in the centre of that ring had quests for me.  I was under the impression I had completed them, but with not a moment to lose and 100g in the making, I decided to spam general for some help.

I asked a couple of times for some help and a DK by the name of Phamine whispered me.  He offered his assistance and came past to help me out.  The two of us had a little trouble with the kills but did manage to do the first one.  It was a very close call and I do remember a death on the first Champion.

I asked in General again for some help and a lovely priest called Dionysis whispered me, advising they had just come back to the game after 8 months off and would like to just heal and dps some stuff to get back into the hang of it.  So grabbed them as well.

We smashed through the rest of the quests and the DK advised he had some group quests as well.  So we offered to help with those.  Off to various parts of Icecrown we went – forgetting about phasing etc but we did the quests we got all his done as well.

I then had to kill Bloodbane – whilst the DK went off to hand in his quests and a shammy – I am sorry I can’t remember his name it was a very odd one, was lovely, came and helped we killed and all went well.  My DK friend came back just as we killed Bloodbane and he had just picked up the quest, so we killed him again.

My new friend Phamine and I were chatting for a little while about the game etc and added each other to friends lists.  It was just a really nice experience to quest with people who were not getting aggro at deaths or phasing etc.  We worked together and we got things done.  There was no swearing, name calling, or horrid chat 🙂  Was such a nice experience, I thought I would put it out there, to just remember that some people enjoy the game not for the prize loot at the end, but just to run with new people and make friends.  It was a very enjoyable in game experience 😀