Gives me hope :D

I should really post about this to keep my faith in humanity alive. Not that the people I am writing about are likely to read this post, however I was questing on my mage yesterday, doing my dailies in Jotenheim and noticed the Valk in the centre of that ring had quests for me.  I… Read More Gives me hope 😀

Farming ZG

Yes, I am farming ZG, collecting all my bijous and cojins – donations appreciated if you are on AT alliance side until Wednesday or Horde side Nagrand!!  LOL  I am at 7k through revered so don’t have much further to go, but I basically cleared ZG on my pally last night to hand over all… Read More Farming ZG

Pet farming luck :D

Decided whilst I am not really involved in anything to farm some pets that I have been too slack to do in the past 🙂 AND…. Managed to score two last night!! The Azure whelping and the oozeling…I was trying for the emerald whelping but ended up going to bed, so will continue with that… Read More Pet farming luck 😀