Just chilling like monkeys do

We went and did some PVP last night and attempted a bear run and failed by about 1 minute – wiping on that damn Hawk dude was what screwed us. We may try again tonight for my damn bear. We didn’t organise a DS run because we had hoped we would be running 25 man… Read More Just chilling like monkeys do

Heroic Yorsahj…I just don’t understand it

I have never been afraid of asking for help, and perhaps one of you out there can answer me this in a way that is helpful. Mana voids. It makes absolutely no sense to me whatso ever to keep the void up at all. So, before everyone jumps in guns blazing, let’s start from the… Read More Heroic Yorsahj…I just don’t understand it

Heroic BoT…wow (and other (drama) stuff)

The plan we have in mind is to kill Sinestra before MoP drops.  An easy enough thing to say on paper…blog…you know what I mean, not so easy in action. Last night we went into DS to kill DW as we missed him last week, can i say butt kicked.  I thought it would take… Read More Heroic BoT…wow (and other (drama) stuff)

Update on so much stuff

I know it has been a few days since I updated, I had to have emergency surgery on a re-ocurring problem, and although I am mostly ok, I am still recovering and have been some very bad raiding with great pain killers. I did Onyxia 25 man with my frosties and some other famous people… Read More Update on so much stuff

Guilds first raid last night

So, I meant to post earlier but didn’t have a chance.  We managed to get a guild group going in – ie 8 members of the same guild. The reason this happened was because I got chatting to a lovely pally, who had a warrior tank he was going to bring.  he asked his GL… Read More Guilds first raid last night

LFR should come with a warning

I jumped online last night to run an LFR with a twitter friend @mementh.  He finally got this legendary daggers – GRATS!!  and I wanted to see his wings 🙂 So we did the second half of LFR with some friends of his and generally it went ok.  Had some issues on Spine – I… Read More LFR should come with a warning

Are you a team player or not?

The title question is something every person has to answer at some point in their WoW raiding lives. Are you a team player or not? I am sure the answer would be different for every person, and their perception of the question and how to answer it would be based on their own life experiences.… Read More Are you a team player or not?

Transmogging and brain killer

Last night we went to DS, our intent was to do some heroic modes, we didn’t have enough people online so we did a normal run. The alts vs main thing flared up AGAIN!!! I am so fucking sick of the argument and in truth I just wish they would call it quits with raiding… Read More Transmogging and brain killer

Alt run of shame

We did an alt run tonight because of the save to the DW kill. It was a pretty good run considering we had 8 alts in the run, we got the first four bosses down. The shame I mention is my own. I was an awful raid leader tonight, I was so focused on trying… Read More Alt run of shame

So damn close :)

There was a bit of drama tonight behind the scenes alts vs mains argument again. Bah humbug! Anyway after that was sorted we semi-smashed through everything and got beaten by the lag/dc boss on spine. Zonozz, the ball went to France on the middle bounce and the tank was chasing the ball everywhere. Yorsahj, we… Read More So damn close 🙂

From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Too often we bemoan people and the game, but today I wanted to thank a couple of people because they have made me complete.  By me, I of course mean my mage, and by extension – my self happiness. Last night, we wanted to do FL and get some Rag lovin’.  We were short, so… Read More From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Holy Cow…we actually raided last night.

We raided like men gone mad 🙂 Yes I know there is a 25% buff at the moment, but I tell you what it kicked butt 🙂 We started just after 7.40pm, 9 manning with 2 healers.  We figured we had been 9 manning the first 3 bosses well enough for a while we would… Read More Holy Cow…we actually raided last night.

My cup runneth over!

I cannot express how happy I am right now 🙂  It has been an absolutley epic day!!  EPIC!!! It started off with Molten Core rep farming and DING! MC was my first ever raid, and I never ran it enough to get exalted back in vanilla – only honoured,  it has taken me years to… Read More My cup runneth over!

LFR lols old post I forgot to publish :)

Every week without fail I run LFR on my Druid for the VP and gear. I despise it, but until I get to 385 Ilevel I can’t really get into a PUG! Today had me amazed though. We wiped on Ultraxion trash, then we wiped on Ultraxion because apparently only 3 people were doing above… Read More LFR lols old post I forgot to publish 🙂

Sucker for punishment :D

I was going to do LFR on my druid last night and ended up going to DS with a pug – guild group with a few short.  This guild clears heroic bosses, so I had high hopes of it being successful. Overall it was, we started at 8 or 8.30pm and it went until 11.45pm,… Read More Sucker for punishment 😀

This is why i don’t PUG

and it is why i join guilds for raiding – expecting to see content. I went on a DS 10 man PUG this morning, as in, I started at 11.30 or so?  It is now, 4.20pm and we are still trying to kill Hagara.  Admittedly at 2.20 we had a 50 minute break until about… Read More This is why i don’t PUG

A song in my heart….

and tears in my eyes! One of my most treasured guild mates is leaving the guild tonight.  He has found a guild on another server with better times for him and given he has been raiding at crap hours for almost 4 years, I completely sympathize with him. His last raid is to be tonight,… Read More A song in my heart….

Still on Spine

We are so close on Spine it is not funny. Last night we just cocked up every single attempt with something silly and it just caused a night of annoyance really. The best we got was to the last tendon with about 20% left, but then we got overrun with bloods as the amalgamation was… Read More Still on Spine

No raid and UI

We didn’t raid last night due to a lack of numbers – approx 3 i think. So we are hoping that tonight will be a go. We are so close on Spine it would be a shame not to get it done. I am looking at guilds on the blizzard forums and will be checking… Read More No raid and UI