Bucket list

Isaw this post http://www.furlinedteacup.com/bibleofdreams/2010/10/two-months-until-cataclysm-so-now-what.html and thought what a great idea, so – I am sorry Anexxia – I am stealing your idea and running with it 😀 My Bucketlist : Get my Zandalar rep up on my mage Farm the raptor and Tiger bosses Farm the raptor mount in Ungoro Run deadmines, one more time… Read More Bucket list

Are you a selfish guildie?

A few of my guildies and I have been discussing lately the selfishness that appears to be virulent our guild at the moment. I have always tried to put the guild before my own wants in the game, I expect any guild leaders would do the same. I think about what will make the guild… Read More Are you a selfish guildie?