Drew bought BlizzCon tickets and it took us way too long to realise they actually have a TV app for apple and chrome.  Don’t make our mistake next year by fluffing about for hours to get the laptop connected and everything running only to discover you could have just downloaded an app 🙂  I was… Read More BlizzCon

No Blizzcon this year eh?

I am going to put myself in the group of “meh”. I love Blizzcon and I do enjoy my live stream and all the other stuff that goes on, I have always found it enjoyable, however I am outgoing to lose sleep over something like that. They will have more again and if it means… Read More No Blizzcon this year eh?


I am sure every single WoW blogger out there is probably madly typing up posts with images and more detail than I am, but I wanted to write down my thoughts and feelings whilst they were still fresh 🙂 This is now my fourth Blizzcon via virtual ticket and once again I was happily surprised… Read More Blizzcon

Blizzcon and all that jazz

Have been a little slack lately with the updates I know!! I spent all weekend watching Blizzcon and was a little disappointed to be honest. We didn’t really get any new information and very little about Cataclysm…would have been nice for those of us not in the Beta to have some information about the things… Read More Blizzcon and all that jazz


Just ordered my virtual Blizzcon ticket!!!! GOing to try and work out of we can strea, the feed direct to the TV via the Xbox 360 – and if we can’t do that we may just plug the computer into the TV and do it that way 😀  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE