Welcome to the newest member of my family

Not the Valkyrie, but the Tauren with the massive sword.  My warrior. Hubby and I finally used out 110 boosts. Our characters are on Saurfang but we will move them across to Khaz and Warsong once we have some spare cash. For the moment they are sitting in “The Dark Within” which was converted to… Read More Welcome to the newest member of my family

Hidden ferals

Yeah secretly I am feral 🙂 I have – for months – ported into the “Dreamwalk” and wondered what the heck I was seeing with the emote of hearing something from the other portals. I remember asking in guild what they were for and Nelly (as always) with the wealth of knowledge advised it was… Read More Hidden ferals

Someone pinch me…hard…

Or gentle…either way I can’t believe this at all. I had simply put this into the pile of things I might get done eventually but was giving up on actually believing it would happen. Craig messaged me a couple of days ago trying to convince me to come on a run and get myself carried… Read More Someone pinch me…hard…

and the balance of power continues

Forever…..and ever….it feels like the longest, longest quest line to want to complete. Seriously killing my patience, but with the release of BfA dates now I have to get it done. It is like a need in me. I have been doing a quest or to per day depending on what is required which I… Read More and the balance of power continues

Balance of Power…..ongoing

As part of the quest chain to get reputation with the Nightfallen, I was required to do a couple of heroics (Acway and CoS). So whilst we were waiting for Oui to come home and do some mythics, I convinced Ben and Drew to run me through the heroics. I figured we would smash them… Read More Balance of Power…..ongoing

Balance of Power

The pain in my bear butt. Introduction This quest is part of a comment-size guide for “Balance of Power.” questline (the last quest…finally). Quests are pretty much self-explanatory and all it takes is some time and good will to complete them. Completing this questline rewards Artifact Appearance (Appearance 3, Tint 1). Part 1 Image of… Read More Balance of Power

Hidden frost artifact

I logged onto my mage tonight to do my missions and noticed the emote telling me my portals were wanting to send me to Frostfire ridge.  It is a random thing you just have to wait for and I was surprised I got it only about 3 days after having my portals active. This is… Read More Hidden frost artifact

Finally ending stories

For the longest time since returning to WoW and collecting the pillars of creation I had wondered how to get the last one. The elusive Eye of Amun’thul. I desperately wanted to close off the story and having so many quests in my log I honestly could not work which lead where, so whilst down… Read More Finally ending stories

Fluff about Friday

Quick update on some of my achievements in WoW since I have been overseas.  Yes I have been playing as I managed to get sick and haven’t really been keen to go outside in the humidity feeling like I do! But, I did manage to get my noble bunny the day before it stopped.  I… Read More Fluff about Friday


I commented about 2 days ago to Lominari that I really wanted the hidden artifact appearance for my weapon but that it required a drop from mobs in Suramar or Nighthold.  My luck with world drops is pretty spotty at best so I resigned myself to the fact it would never happen.  So when I… Read More Felo’melorn.