The court of horrors

Horror for them of course, and not us. We smashed them in their Naga faces. The guild actually killed Queen’s court a few weeks ago, but I was not there for it. So last week when we went in it was my first kill. The fight wasn’t any more difficult than normal, in my opinion… Read More The court of horrors

Mage tower challenge

Yeah. So – I think you are all crazy and I liken this to that time in Pandaland when we were required to hit silver in the proving grounds before we could run heroics. Thank the old ones there isn’t anything gated behind this except some appearances which are generally meh. Well that is not… Read More Mage tower challenge

Dumbest things I have done recently

So returning to a game you love is pretty difficult because it is amazing the amount of information you forget that at one time seemed really important, but that you don’t realise you have forgotten, because like a remembral – you can’t remember what it is your forgot, even if you do know that you… Read More Dumbest things I have done recently

Paladin got to the top!!

Woot!  My sexy pally chick made it to 90!!  So happy about that, not only because it means I am max level with the frosties and can actually do stuff with them now, but I also scored a sweet arse achievement, which I was no even aware of previously…I wonder if there are more for… Read More Paladin got to the top!!

So far in 5.0.4

Kill me!!!! KILL ME NOW!!! I had about 3 hours to play with 5.0.4 before I went away for the weekend, suffice it to say I am now a week behind everyone else who has been playing and re-learning their classes. Also having the time to read up about their changes etc. Let’s start with… Read More So far in 5.0.4

Maging it up…arcane style

So, I finally decided to switch back to arcane on my mage.  I haven’t played arcane since…Wrath..I am pretty sure I switched to fire when I came back to Cata after my break.  I was doing some reading and people were saying fire was pretty awesome, comparable to arcane. I was never a fan of… Read More Maging it up…arcane style

Heroic BoT…wow (and other (drama) stuff)

The plan we have in mind is to kill Sinestra before MoP drops.  An easy enough thing to say on paper…blog…you know what I mean, not so easy in action. Last night we went into DS to kill DW as we missed him last week, can i say butt kicked.  I thought it would take… Read More Heroic BoT…wow (and other (drama) stuff)

Bad Guild Juju and Looking for Guild.

I have just found out, that apparently – another mutiny is occurring in my alliance guild with different people this time – apparently the good players wanting to get rid of the bad players, and are asking for the GL to stand down so they can shake up the raid team. I am just amazed… Read More Bad Guild Juju and Looking for Guild.

Holy Cow…we actually raided last night.

We raided like men gone mad 🙂 Yes I know there is a 25% buff at the moment, but I tell you what it kicked butt 🙂 We started just after 7.40pm, 9 manning with 2 healers.  We figured we had been 9 manning the first 3 bosses well enough for a while we would… Read More Holy Cow…we actually raided last night.

Pallies, mages, gear …OH MY!

***For some unexplained reason, this did not post, so here is me tryin again!***   What a massive few days I have had in game!  My god!  I just haven’t had chance to post about everything as real life has as usual, taken up time 🙂 This is going to be a long post, and… Read More Pallies, mages, gear …OH MY!

Mages, druids and everything in between…

I have completely changed my mage to be full fire spec..I figured I may as well give it a shot – worst case I just have to reforge and gem again if I fail.  I am very hit and miss with it at the moment, I would like to see what it is like in… Read More Mages, druids and everything in between…

o.O Remember me?

Yes Yes, I remember you, I know i have a blog I am updating semi-regularly and yes I know I need to actually get the time to post..but honestly so busy this last week -I just wanted to get focused!!  Please don’t blame me!! I spent a week getting my pally levelled.

Just keep getting better

Wow so much has happened in the last couple of days! So much so that I haven’t been able to post! My ilevel is now sitting on 355 – yay! It has taken a fair bit of poking around in instances that I don’t ever want to do again! ZG – last boss – I… Read More Just keep getting better

Mage hit cap – 4.2

Mages got a more simple hit cap method…no talents no this and that… Nice and simple… 1742 – exactly!!!      or 17% for the mathematical people out there.  No more or no less…. I am over by 37 points…here comes some reforging!!   1639 for draenai

Frost Mage stats – 4.0 pre cata

Soft crit cap – 33.33% hit rating – approx 420 something currently, will play with it a little bit and see how low I can go. Haste – – water elemental scales well with haste mastery after that. Change out spirit gems to something else.

Paladin Stats – 4.0 – pre-cata

Just my notes about Pally stats and reforging…feel free to ignore 😀 Reforge so that you meet hit cap and expertise soft cap (should not be needed in proper gear, perhaps you even reforge away from those stats). Then check if you are at the block cap (102,4 % summed parry+block+dodge, we lost miss since… Read More Paladin Stats – 4.0 – pre-cata


After spending a few hundred dollars and regemming some of my gear – I am now sitting pretty on 3008 Spell damage!!!  When i self buff with Arc Int it goes up to 3018 😀  That does not include potions/food, raid buffs!!! AM SOOOO EXCITED!!?!?!?!!?!? Will be cool to see if it makes any difference… Read More POWA!!!!

Bad gear choices are still gear choices :)

I have been, for the last few weeks/months not been ingame and raiding, therefore my stash of frostie badges has not grown fast nor have I had the chance to upgarde via drops all that much. So I was in previously mentioned ICC 25 man and I got 2 things out of that run. Enough… Read More Bad gear choices are still gear choices 🙂

warrior stuff again

shield slam > revenge > shockwave > conc blow > devastate. There are several different hit caps. The melee hit cap causes all your single weapon auto attacks to always hit and causes all special melee attacks to always hit. This is reached at 8%. The spell hit cap causes all your spells to always… Read More warrior stuff again