Mage tower challenge

Yeah. So – I think you are all crazy and I liken this to that time in Pandaland when we were required to hit silver in the proving grounds before we could run heroics. Thank the old ones there isn’t anything gated behind this except some appearances which are generally meh. Well that is not …

o.O Remember me?

Yes Yes, I remember you, I know i have a blog I am updating semi-regularly and yes I know I need to actually get the time to post..but honestly so busy this last week -I just wanted to get focused!!  Please don’t blame me!! I spent a week getting my pally levelled.

Mage hit cap – 4.2

Mages got a more simple hit cap method…no talents no this and that… Nice and simple… 1742 – exactly!!!      or 17% for the mathematical people out there.  No more or no less…. I am over by 37 points…here comes some reforging!!   1639 for draenai

Frost Mage stats – 4.0 pre cata

Soft crit cap – 33.33% hit rating – approx 420 something currently, will play with it a little bit and see how low I can go. Haste – – water elemental scales well with haste mastery after that. Change out spirit gems to something else.


After spending a few hundred dollars and regemming some of my gear – I am now sitting pretty on 3008 Spell damage!!!  When i self buff with Arc Int it goes up to 3018 😀  That does not include potions/food, raid buffs!!! AM SOOOO EXCITED!!?!?!?!!?!? Will be cool to see if it makes any difference …

warrior stuff again

shield slam > revenge > shockwave > conc blow > devastate. There are several different hit caps. The melee hit cap causes all your single weapon auto attacks to always hit and causes all special melee attacks to always hit. This is reached at 8%. The spell hit cap causes all your spells to always …

<3 Warriors :D

So I got my warrior to 535 defense and a few of the guilds tanks were helping me get gear etc, one pally in particular made me a fair few pieces of gear, which I cannot thank him enough for. That gear got me to 535, so I went and ran Halls of Lightening….no, not …