I have been playing WoW since 05, I go back to the days of speccing into Evocation and Arcane Explosion 🙂 MC was and will always be my favourite raid instance; yes I still yearn for the ole days of 40 man raids and good stable guilds! However with the news of Vanilla servers coming back I am not sure I really want all the experiences that entails.

I play on Nagrand, Saurfang and Khaz’Garaoth (mainly), I have been on every single oceanic PVE server there is now.  I have a couple of toons still in the Frostwolves, but the rest are now with Warsong.  I have a few characters I can’t bring myself to level as they are stuck in Draenor and prime candidates for boosting.

This blog was mainly about the highs and lows of raiding, But has morphed into everything game related, mounts, achievements, alts etc. I love talking about WoW and recording the events that happen to me for laughter and fun. I like reading back over posts and remembering the good and bad times that comes with being part of an MMORPG.

I do like to know that people are even reading this blog, it makes me happy to see my site count go up 😀 So please drop past, comment and be part of the conversation.