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I haven’t been in WoW as much as I would usually during the end of an expac finishing off all the things I would like to finish, but I am well aware I won’t get most of them done so I am sort of just not logging in.

However I have been playing a lot of other games, including a re-occurring Saturday night session with some friends playing Among us. It inevitably ends up with many accusations being thrown back into each other’s faces in times of stress. Not sure how random the actual imposter is honestly, seems like some people get it way more than others. I know last week I only had it once, and I am not sure Nibblepie had it at all in over 3 hours of play? Sarum still managed to get busted within five seconds of killing someone though and it was hilarious.

I have also been playing a lot of Rainbow Siege 6.

This is the first time I received an MVP 🙂 Likely to be the last and it made me do a happy dance. Apophis is so much better at this than either myself or Lominari so it makes for entertainment if he dies and we are left to complete the goal. I think I just have a lot of lucky shots because I run in like a maniac and then shoot wildly when something attacks me (usually after screaming when they pop up from around the corner). I don’t do enough crouching to be silent, and there are generally not enough mobs to kill after Apophis has been through. We figure we are already playing the AI in hard mode as we play with 3 of us, and as far as I can tell it doesn’t scale down, so you are playing the matches as they would be played with 5 people. We win more than we lose currently, but we still struggle on some depending on the room.

The other game I have been playing a little bit of, but want to play more is Star Wars: Squadrons. It just came out and I am enjoying it so far.

I am playing through the story line mode at the moment to attempt to learn the hundreds of controls required to throttle, fly, target, shoot, scan, boost, shield etc etc etc. But I do enjoy the medals at the end of each mission. It gives me something to back to and work on when I am better at flying and controlling my fighter.

I am not very far through at all yet, I think 4 missions in, so I can’t really speak to how the game will play over time, but for the moment, I am enjoying it. It isn’t making me suffer motion sickness thankfully and it is lovely to look at.

I am finding it hard to control and I feel sometimes like i am just not getting the hang of it because I am going around in circles in space, but I am sure with some practise it will get better. I may also need to alter my mouse sensitivity in game, likely that will help as well. I would like to play this a little more than I have been because I would love to give multi player a try, but unlikely soon with my terrible flight skills.

The only other game we have jumped into recently is Overwatch. My gosh, I love it so much. I don’t play it nearly as much as I would if I could. I just think it is a lot of fun and playing with friends talking crap and strats is just the icing on the cake. It was really the first FPS style game I ever really enjoyed which is maybe why I didn’t struggle as much with Payday2 or Siege 6. My main is Orisa, but I am going to try and use Winston a little more in my rotation. I want to practise support so I can start learning how to be Hanzo and…maybe another support class, which is as yet, undecided. If I am healing I use Lucio and don’t really plan on using any other healer as I just haven’t played them enough.

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What are playing whilst waiting for Shadowlands? Are you still playing WoW as much? What are you doing to whittle away the hours?

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