F.I.E.L.D photographer finally completed!

This has been an achievement Lominari and I have wanted to complete for a very long time and we just never got around to it. We found ourselves with some spare time one morning and decided to get it done. In the end it only took us a couple of hours over a couple of days and the majority of that was flying. I used my mage for portals again and that saved us some time.

We did it continent by continent as that made the most sense to us. So below is just a gallery of some of my favourite image. Certainly not all of them, because that would be a feat of strength to view and I wouldn’t want to put anyone through that. I have also included some of Lominari’s pictures in here as well.

All in all it was a nice easy achievement to get complete if you have some spare time and are looking for something cruisy to do. It was fun trying to find the exact spot for it to work, sometimes in the instance (had to clear out ICC, but others just be in the instance) and avoid being flagged PVP in some areas (like Deepwind tram and Stormwind!)

I used a handy notes install for the points on the map and it made it a lot easier to work out where we needed to head next and having a dual person mount made it a bit easier as well as I could fly us where we needed to be.

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