Have you gotten Jenafur yet?

Aryssa (who has since changed his name to Lominari), Apophis and myself went in search of her the other week.

I feel really bad for the secret finding group which took over 1 year to work out the solution only to find out that getting her takes less than 30 minutes.

I went on my mage for the portals (obviously) which reduced our time a little bit.

We went off the following guide on WoWhead https://www.wowhead.com/guides/jenafur-secret-cat-battle-pet, however what it fails to mention is the timer on the food when you get to Karazhan. Kelani mentioned it in his video which is the only reason I knew what we had stuffed up.

Once you pick up the first bit of food, there is a 5 minute timer which starts. Once you surpass 5 minutes the food in your bag starts to despawns, item by item. So you need to make sure you pick up the food quickly and then get to the Opera room to place it. No dilly dallying. Set up the markers on each square and then locate all the food items so you can run and grab everything quickly.

We also discovered whilst you can do this in a group, only one person can actually pick up the food. So just make sure they know what they have to do with it if they are super keen and start clicking on anything which cogs 🙂 Not that it happened in our group at all {cough} Apophis {cough}.

She is adorable and both Aryssa and I have her out a lot. She whispers to you about your eyes being tasty and your flesh looking delicious. It is weird and creepy at the same time. There is comment about your pets going missing, presumably being eaten by Jenafur but I haven’t been able to figure out if that manifests visibly somehow in game.

This is the music which finally allowed the secret to be solved. Quite a nice piece of music.

Have you gotten your Jenfur yet?

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