Mythic Jaina mounts :)

What a long weird few weeks it has been trying to get people the Mythic Jaina mount whilst we had corruptions and a 100% drop rate for 2.

Week 1 – I had to leave about 4 attempts before they killed her. We wiped about 16 times getting the strat down.

Heretic and Vamoose

Week 2 – I got booted off the boat and died. I was the only death on the kill attempt, we only wiped twice i think.

Jekias and Gregorc

Week 3 – I stayed alive for this week 🙂

Apophis and Queen Nelly

Week 4 – I died just before getting to Jaina, enough that I couldn’t see her or anyone, but I could see spell effects.

Funny story literally just before we went in, Nibblepie said “You know, I have a feeling I am going to get the mount tonight.” He followed through! Can you believe it??? I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t seen his chat message. He should buy a lottery ticket the next time he gets the feeling he could win!

Nibblepie and Gorrathian.

Week 5 – I stayed alive for the fight – YAY ME!

Soulmend and Sevenofnine

Week 6 – Technically Slobaguts and Aryssa won the mounts. Yes, you read that right. Aryssa. What is perhaps even worse is it was his first run with us and that was simply to make up numbers, and he won it. He won the LFR mount on his first run as well. Jaina loves him.

To pour salt into the knife already sticking in my back and make matters even worse Slobaguts said he didn’t actually care/want it so rolled his off which then made it awkward for me to take the mount from Aryssa because everyone had to roll off on the other one. It felt like a bad deal for everyone else to have been waiting weeks as well and for me to just take it because I am married to him. That should be a perk though right? I rolled a 7. I was trying to do the right thing because we were initially told we couldn’t trade the mount – we can trade it. So in the end the mounts went to Zethus (maybe?Someone help me out?) and Methosmage.

It was a pretty shitty to be honest. I was pretty upset about being so close to even having it in my trade window. I was more annoyed at the amount of shit I copped for being fair and not having anyone thank me for being considerate of the group. I could have taken the mount and I suspect some people would have raged, but maybe I should have just taken it.

I stayed alive for the fight.

Week 7 – I survived and we one shot. Keldead and Lohnash this week.

We have determined only 5 of us need it now. So we will do a main and alt run next week to get 4 done and then hopefully we have enough time to get one more before pre-patch and we lose the corruption functionality.

Week 8 – I survived again.

Myself and Bandyn won. Bandyn came in really just to fill numbers so put hers up for a roll (which was agreed to before we had started) and Avelias won!

We now have 3 people left to get the mount and we are hoping, fingers tightly crossed, we can do two runs next reset for the remaining 3 to receive theirs before we lose the opportunity forever. We have enough people with alts we could manage numbers to get 2 runs it just depends if we have the right roles.

Pretty isn’t she? Thanks to the guild for running this every week 🙂

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