PVP obsession continues

I have, unbelievably, managed to get to honour rank 15 and get an awesome looking mount!

You may notice i am not on my mage in this picture and you would be correct. I decided to try PVP on my pally as they are almost unkillable. Providing I have some CD’s available this is accurate.

Look how pretty this mount is 🙂 I am pretty proud of my achievement honestly. Who knew I could tolerate doing this much pvp and still actually enjoy it?

I have been chasing some achievements whilst in PVP, this one is from Battle for Gilneas. You have to gasp as the double rainbow. LOL What does it all mean!!?

Before i switched to my paladin I was uber impressed with my HK’s during some matches. and whilst locating images for my blog found this impressive 68 HK one. Pretty amazing to be in that kind of match where it is just a massacre.

Whilst appreciating that number I found this one- I AM NOT JOKING!!! 93 Hk’s. 93. Just revel in that glory for a little while.

These were both in AB matches. But my gosh they are darn amazing. Just look at those numbers. If the match had lasted a couple more minutes we would have been in triple digits!!

One of the last images I have of my mage in PVP before I switched to my pally and I think it about sums about life when you are a flag carrier, because no one is near the flag when it pops. It is just great big honking fireballs all the time.

Our PVP sessions have been made up for Apophis, Aryssa, Heretic and Furey, even some Nibblepie thrown in there. It has been a lot of fun and I really would like to continue doing PVP in the new xpac. Not sure i ever wanted to do rated arena style, although we did do couple on my pally (we won one!) but it certainly would be a fun challenge.

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