Non Wow games…they exist guys!!

Yes, I know! I am writing about games other than WoW. I do play some…occasionally. Not often but sometimes. With our lovely city still in lockdowns due to covid, you need something else to light up your life and being able to jump into games whilst sitting on discord with some friends is a worthwhile endeavor.

I have been playing the following games with friends including Apophis, Nibblepie, Pracey, Stabulouz, Vashna, Sarum, Aryssa and Creet in various configurations:

Magicka 2– I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. We killed each other more often than we killed mobs. The premise of the game is simple, you have 8 different elements you can mix together and create spells with. That is it. Just mix and match and kill things. However everyone can take friendly fire and die and if you forget to do a targeted beam and do AOE instead – you kill friends and enemies and anything in between. It was an absolute cracker and I will definitely go back to it for the laughs.

Among Us – Another good fun laughter inducing game. You get to accuse people of being a murderer before they kill the entire crew. Loads of fun, and harder to do the more people you have playing because if you are the imposter, you struggle to find opportunity to get people without being seen. A lot of fun!

Keep talking and nobody explodes – Way, way, way too much stress for me. Apparently my brain stops functioning when I am required to complete a puzzle and provide a solution. I just cannot work out the answer or speak English. One person can see the actual bomb and everyone else is just reading from the pdf bomb manual. It is a game of communication and it can be quite enjoyable to achieve a win. But my gosh, the path to get there is hard.

Fall Guys – Um, yeah. I don’t get the appeal with this one. At all. I know I started strong on that one, but so does my motion sickness when I play. I cannot understand the enjoyment of this game, I find it frustrating more than anything and I feel like I spend more time waiting for the round to start than actually being in the rounds. Not a fan, but will play bits and pieces if people want to give it a try. Also cannot use a controller via the PC if your friends aren’t. It prevents you from joining a round.

Payday 2 – LOLZ. I am very bad at this game. I have never been great at FPS games, but weirdly I am great at the shooting part of this game and terrible at the stealth part. We did the same bank heist a couple of times successfully, but we spent the majority of the time killing police. So Aryssa and I decided to actually do the tutorial to learn how to actually play and after another 10 or attempts with Apophis managed to do the heist stealthy without alerting police. It was pretty fun with both methods. I actually even streamed us playing this one because we had Nibblepie sitting in discord with us and what we were saying was pretty bad when taken out of context! ahha

I have also played some older stuff like Planet Coaster/Zoo and Northgard etc., but really I just wanted to be able to feel like I was engaged with enjoyable things again and all this gaming has been wonderful for the soul.

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