Can’t get enough of brawling

Maybe it is because I miss my martial arts, but pvp brawling is one of my absolute favorite things in game at the moment.

I really enjoy the different spins they have on the maps, but the latest one was absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t stop playing it.

Does that give you any idea what it was? LOL. We called it the leap of faith. Jumping from Lumber Mill down to Blacksmith when you cannot see a darn thing! The map was Arathi Blizzard. Everything was covered in ice/snow and visibility was reduced.

This was us running down the path to Gold mine. Not that you would be able to tell or even see who I am with. But Apophis is in the lead, I am centre and Aryssa bringing up the rear for healer safety.

It was actually pretty hilarious on our first run in there because even our starting point was different. It was more alliance themed and way less room to run around in.

I actually made comment as the game started and we ran towards Lumber Mill about how this would be really disorientating because of the reduce visibility etc. Apophis, confident in himself, says it wouldn’t be and we would be ok – as we start running up a hill WHICH IS NOT THE PATH TO THE MILL! I laughed so much about it. We had to run around and find our way; Aryssa was sure to point out he hadn’t gotten lost and made it to the mill without any back up! OOPS! Sorry Aryssa 🙂

A few weeks ago we had Temple of Hotmogu where everything was speed up, including res time and you could throw the orbs to other players on your team. Weird and hard to get used to when you don’t normally have the time to throw the orbs away. I really enjoyed the fast res time as you could get back into it and help defend.

Then we had Deep Six (Variations of Warsong Gulch, Silvershard Mines, and Temple of Kotmogu that pits six players against another team of six and reducing the amount of objectives in each battleground such as a decrease in the amount of orbs in Temple of Kotmogu). Honestly, Temple was my favourite as there were only 2 orbs right next to the centre stairs and it was much easier to control. Warsong Gulch apparently was closer together for the flags but I don’t think it was true. It seemed the same map size at the time.

I can’t wait to experience some of these and I am disappointed I waited so long to get back into PVP. Here is the current schedule for all the different brawls.

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