Trials of Style

I absolutely love this event and I really wish Blizzard would give us some more outfits to collect. I can say that now because I have finally collected them all across all of my characters. They are grouped by type so Cloth, Mail etc.

My mage won first prize a while ago, I likely made a post about it, but this time around I wanted my druid to win. She doesn’t really have a lot of great pieces of gear which go together. I should really rectify the issue and do some farming on her.

So imagine my horror when creating beautiful transmogs similar to the following (and my standard one):

I manage to score a win with this god awful creation which required we match to a tabard.

WTF people? What are you doing with your voting?? LOL I am very happy I actually won though, even if it was an awful outfit. I have my stylish shirt and my buff (which says it expires in 5 days, but my mage still has hers so I am hoping it continues). I grabbed the last of the transmog outfits I needed for my leather wearers and after hunting through my classes found my mail wearers had not managed to get any gear sets.

I have less than 2 pages of gear on my level 90 shammy for each item type (excluding cloaks/weapons of course). She didn’t go well. But I needed 180 tokens to get all the sets and I did it, slowly. I did manage a couple of second and thirds, but overall I just struggled to be able to really put anything together which popped.

It is a shame it is only ever 6 months for one week, I would like to get my plate wearers the first place buff as well, so I might try and get that done before it ends. Cross your fingers for me because next time it will be the mail wearers and they will need a lot more focus, not amount of help with save us then 🙂

Definitely give it a try, even if you are only slightly into transmog, it is good to see other items and how people put things together for the themes. I have found a few pieces of gear I want simply from seeing it on others during the trial.

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    1. Thanks!! It is definitely a lot of fun, shame it is such a short amount of time and so rarely throughout the year, but i guess it makes it that little easier for the devs.

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