Really enjoying the PVP

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed PVP until we started doing it almost nightly. Yes, the irony of my previous posts complaining hours spent in game when I do so much PVP. I just don’t want to be forced into a particular thing because I need it to be better at all the other things.

But, back to PVP. Aryssa, Apophis and myself have been killing it in random battlegrounds recently.

So well I managed to get 10,000 honourable kills recently. I started at about the 7k mark (I assume a carry over from previous years). Apophios managed to get this one a few weeks earlier so I was pleasantly surprised it was an achievement in the first place. Thank the wow goddess it wasn’t killing blows!

I also managed to score myself honour rank 10

I find it hilarious I achieved it at the end of a game we lost. Thoroughly LOST on. We didn’t even come close to even looking like we had a chance. Just enjoy those scores for the moment.

Thankfully we haven’t had to be running as alliance as much the last week or so as the horde queues are under 8 minutes mostly, sometimes we barely even wait 3 minutes. I am loving being able to just be ourselves.

We even tried our hand at 3v3 Arena just to see what would happen. We lost the first match pretty quickly and then won the second. We haven’t done anymore since that win, but I would be very keen to. Aryssa and I have been watching the Arena world cup thing at the moment and it has been really interesting to see how the top level teams do it. No warriors/demon hunter/ death knights so far, mostly disc priests or pally heals, mages/locks and rogues.

It has been a lot of fun and I am hoping to get into more of it this week. Along with the brawls which should be available soon again as well!

I also got this achievement the other day for capturing 100 carts, however I feel like I should be getting paid a lot more for my services than I am? I feel like I am constantly paying for it. I love the Silvershard Mines battleground, it is one of my favourites, and I am always very happy when I see the loading screen for it.

This next achievement was surprising to me, because when I read it a few days earlier whilst going through the list, I was wondering how you prevent the enemy from capturing a cart. It turns out it means getting the cart to the end of the line. So I was pretty excited when this popped up at the end of a rather one sided match. I never thought we would get this one 🙂

Which makes me laugh even more when I look at this one because, I managed to get this a few weeks ago with Aryssa and Apophis just got it the other night. He was so excited about getting the achievement for preventing their cart capture and asked why we didn’t get it.

I had to admit we got it weeks ago! He called us nasty names :p hahaha That is what happens when you split the party though! He does carry me through PVP though, he does huge amounts of damage, I just run around distracting everyone and Aryssa spends the whole time healing us both. It is a perfect little group we have. We have definitely changed the battle a few times with the three of us just making our own plans to distract and kill. All whilst staying on the point and not on the roads :p

Do some PVP guys. It is fun and you get a laugh out of it when you win, especially the close matches. My adrenaline gets pumping and I always feel a rush at the end. Just ignore the matches where you get slaughtered.

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