Struggling with real life and gaming choices+

I meant to write a post about how I would be taking a break from posting for a week or so as we just had a lot of stuff happening in the real world which needed focus. I just never got around to actually posting it though. My apologies.

Struggling with Covid lockdown, mental health issues, anxiety. The whole lot. It has just been struggle central in the house which hasn’t been helped by Aryssa’s desktop being dead for a while now and using a laptop, which is starting to blue screen and get angry with life. He just ordered parts today to create a new gaming rig, so hopefully we will get the parts before this weekend and he will have an activity to focus on, while I hover and ask a million stupid questions 🙂 Standard procedure!

I was pretty excited to see the release date for Shadowlands be announced! I was bouncing off the walls when I woke up. The first thing I did when I logged into work was check my annual leave.

Shadowlands Release Date – Kaylriene
27th October 2020

I have requested 2 weeks off (Friday 23rd Oct until Friday 6th Nov). I get a nice bit of rest before hand to clear out bags and just relax, pre-cook some meals and then spend a solid week just getting the levelling done and doing the pre-emptive grinds for areas. I have no idea what the plan is for levelling is at the moment; Aryssa and I usually group up and do it together, with Apophis when he is playing. This year Apophis has beta access so may not want to level with us going through quests slowly and reading everything. We shall see.

My biggest issue at the moment is deciding what I want to do in Shadowlands. Covid means we are shut up in a house so maybe I should raid because what else is there to do. But I really don’t want to commit 65,000 hours per week to all the grinding of various elements. I really don’t. I don’t want to let the team down by tanking without all the latest and greatest. I don’t want to DPS without them either. I can’t image they are getting rid of mythic dungeons (which means we need to do that at least weekly if not multiple times in a week), we will likely still have those stupid mission boards, which means stupid resource collection. Likely we will have emissary dailies as well still because they seem to like them now. Not including whatever else they decide to lob at us to replace necklace/visions. I am already stressed at the idea of HAVING to do mythics and emissaries every day to get gear/items for raiding and grinding reputation out…bleurgh. The counter point to this of course, if you aren’t doing those things in game why bother playing anyway right?

I was talking to Aryssa to find out if he was interested in raiding with us since we can’t do much else at the moment. He was planning on playing his shadow priest or rogue but he could tank and then I just need to pick a DPS to play. LOL. It is all so confusing.

Anyway what are everyone else’s plans? New characters? same ones? Guild changes? What are you guys doing?

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