A happy little fellow

A couple of weeks ago we were watching a youtube video about easy to get mounts, honestly I can’t even remember what any of them were now. I have to go back and check.

Since watching it, I have been obsessed with getting an alpaca, so I headed out to Voldun to literally just fly a circuit with the help of a handy notes addin. At one point I was in a group with over 30 people sitting at spawn locations just wait for it to appear. I waited in that group for 4 hours. We talked about food, the game, mounts etc. It was a pretty fun group.

My spawn watching location. I like how the rock looks like a snake from this angle.

I left the group at one point top do some PVP and I would come back to Voldun in between battlegrounds, and ask how the hunt was going whilst flying around. After one BG at 10pm I got back to see a bunch of the alpacas. So I whispered one of them and they said it had despawned about 3 minutes ago.

I was devastated. All that time and I could have gotten it if I had just been a few minutes earlier. On the upside I knew the spawn timer so came back the next night whilst between pvp matches. I was just flying around doing laps and waiting for my NPCScan to scream at me and pop up the notification. I was persistant. 2 nights later it happened.

It took me another minute to actually locate him and find him. I was freaking out because I didn’t want him to despawn. The second I screamed Aryssa jumped on his mount and headed over to me. Lucky he did because the time that was left was 3 minutes. He had to get there quickly (and thankfully, we were both on parts of the map which were near each other it took him less than a minute to fly).

It does this amazing little hoppy jump thing when you use the space bar whilst stationery, it chews and when you jump whilst running its legs splay out to the side. It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life. Look at that face!?!?! If you haven’t gotten yourself one yet, get onto it. This is the Elusive Quickhoof which spawns in Voldun and requires one serve of leafy greens to be acquired. You can also kill the big Trex/Raptor in Voldun for a chance at Mollie, and you can befriend the Alpaca in Uldum by feeding it 7 days in a row.

Go out there and get yourself one 🙂 They are adorable.

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