Shadowlands stress

I have been holding of on posting in the hopes an epiphany would rock my consciousness and I would suddenly know what I want to play in Shadowlands.

These are currently my thoughts, and without a release date to go off, they are still thoughts which I haven’t really sat down and worked through.

  • I am not going to be raiding
    • I don’t want to commit the time required for all the systems to be able to raid
    • What is the point of paying for WoW if not raiding though?
  • When I joined the guild it was casual, normal/heroic level only – it was the only reason I joined.
    • Now we somehow have this mythic raiding mentality and that isn’t what I wanted to be a part of. I was happy to doing normals for a few clears and then heroic for a few clears.
    • We just wait until we outgear everything, go in and smash it without learning mechanics so we can never really go back in and repeat.
    • We don’t go back in after the first kill, can’t get anymore gear upgrades, have to resort to mythics in keys I can’t get into.
  • I don’t want to tank
    • I don’t want to raid tank
    • I love tanking, but i don’t get asked to tank as much as other people so I must be bad at it
    • There aren’t the need for many tanks in a guild, compared to DPS
  • I can’t heal (mainly because I am a clicker and not a keybinder)
  • I don’t want to mage DPS
    • I haven’t been able to figure out my DPS in any spec
    • I don’t want to be upset about my DPS constantly
    • I don’t like not being asked to go on runs because I am bad at DPS
    • I am enjoying my Elemental Shammy and Fury Warrior
    • One isn’t 120 yet to really know, the other is melee which I am not great at.
  • I would like to do mythics
  • I might start pet battling again

That’s currently where my head is in relation to Shadowlands. I have to admit my mindset is not what it used to be when it comes to the game and I no longer want to spend 30 hours a week trying to get the best of everything to raid for a couple of hours a week and watch people get snarky and rude when we can’t kill things after the first week of attempts.

As raiders we need to realise if you want to be able to smash content quickly, you need to be on the PTR practising the fights before they hit live content. I remember months – MONTHS – spent working on a single boss., not just a couple of hours overall. People get shirty after the first 1-2 attempts with wipes. It isn’t all doom and gloom; invariably we have killed bosses, right after someone says we can’t (one more shot!). I hate that part of raiding. I hate that part of the attitude.

I want to log in, have a laugh, get somewhere and feel accomplished. Shadowlands is looking like more of the rubbish we have now with system upon system upon system, which all need to be a particular way for a particular thing and honestly I am really just over it. I said to Aryssa the other day I just want there to be less crap with the game. I want my character to have 3 things to worry about – Hit points (stam), main stat (int, str, agil etc) and one secondary stat (mastery)…or something to that effect (or not even a secondary stat). I don’t want to have to pay for 3 different 3rd party sites to know which stats are better at which weighting. I should just get a piece of gear for spell casters and done. Gear solved. The game is about killing stuff with what you have and staying alive.

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I really am torn about what I am walking into for Shadowlands and how I will even play. I don’t know what I want to play or what I want to do because currently I feel like I cannot do anything well. I might just level my toons and then not play them again. Who knows? Let’s see how i feel once we have a release date and I have to actually make a decision.

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  1. I like playing with you, and hope you find the spark again. But if you’re not feeling it, then who can argue with that?

    Like you say, maybe pick a toon at launch, level it and then see where things are at. Just pick something for yourself. Don’t worry about what other obligations there are. If you’re enjoying your toon, the rest will work out one way or another. You don’t have to be the one to adjust to fill a role.

    1. Good advice! I am planning on leveling my mage and druid first, then whatever else takes my fancy after that. I just don’t really know anymore. Maybe I should stick to tanking, I enjoy it a lot and don’t find it anywhere near as stressful as anything else.

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