Mythic Musings

I have had a pretty good run with mythic+ lately, we may not have timed all of them, but we are pretty close, maybe with a little more work we would be able to get it there. However we did a run with the worst possible combination of Tyrannical, Raging and Necrotic. I did remember this time to run away from the mobs when my stacks of nectroci got too high, but it turns out Soulmend can just heal me through any stacks.

We went on this Temple of Seth with Soulmend, Jekias, Rahela and Methosmage for something to do. We initially thought we might try and time it, but that went out the window when we wiped on the first boss a couple of times. I always thought they were the easiest boss in there, but nope, apparently they suck. We one shot the snake boss (who I as actually scared of) and then Soulmend taught me a new strat for the lightening boss. You tank him in the back corner (where the mobs are when you first walk in) as the pillar don’t then spawn behind and you only have to worry about one side. I think it made a heck of a difference.

During the Orb room encounter we did discover that I can handle all 99 stacks of necrotic and survive. It doesn’t go over the 99 that we could see, but I also struggled to get away from the mobs easily, even with war-stomp, typhoon and life grip. So in the end I just took the stacks, killed the adds and survived. It was pretty amazing. We didn’t time that one unfortunately, but it was a good run either way.

I have also managed to time a 15 on my mage now, no thanks to me, but the other DPS carrying me through (Soulmend and Apophis…and the tank Heretic doing more DPS than me). I was quite annoyed with my output, as usual, but it was nice to get a timer done even when most of the guys thought we wouldn’t. We were mainly doing it so we could get a 15 completed for Nibblepie, nice bonus to have one timed for him though, even if it was only a Freehold.

It got me an achievement on my mage for having done one 🙂 Not sure I will get to all 15 timed honestly. I am not a good enough tank to do large pulls and I am not good enough DPS to do content. I might have to give up on brief thought of being able to complete the achievement before pre-patch goes live. But next xpac. Just you wait!!

Just to throw on the depression bear here, this is my mythic runs on my raid tanking bear, I really just feel like I am not good enough. It is hard to miss out on timing any mythics as one of the guild’s raiding tanks.

My mage on the other hand, whilst still bad, has done more dungeons in time than my druid and higher. I am such a bad mage though, people do not want to take her on higher keys though because it limits them.

I think I might just unsub until Shadowlands, honestly. It is too depressing.

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  1. If you want to take a break, now is a pretty good time to do it. But no need to be depressed due to mythics. Once you know the different strategies you do them well. Other people only get ahead of you there because they watch others’ videos or learn by running them more. Not because they’re better than you. Everyone will be starting fresh with the next batch.

    1. Honestly I left myself get too far behind to catch up easily. Entirely my fault, but makes it difficult to stay current when you just don’t put the same amount of time in. As you would expect. Sorry the comments are so dleayed, the wordpress app on my phone says I posted responses but then when i look via desktop they don’t appear!?!?!

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