It is A-mageing!

Yes, the worst of the worst mage puns. We have been consistently running PVP most nights with Ayrssa and Apophis and whoever else wants to come along, like Stonebanks on his rogue.

It has been a lot of fun and quite an eye opening experience into the different levels of players out there. I consider myself awful at PVP – honestly, but when I can kill people I feel on top of the world. So there might be people worse at it than me, which makes me smile somewhat.

So when you enter into a battleground and somehow manage to run around collecting resources without dying (not that you can see on this list) it is pretty much the stuff you live for. I still cannot understand how they didn’t manage to collect even one pillar of azerite. I was on such a high from this battleground it got us through the rest of the depressing losses – and even worse – DRAWS! We have had 2 draws now.

Looking into achievements for the BG’s after this one I noticed we were close to completing another one in there, which was to capture a point and each location. So we went in a couple of time with the express purpose of doing that. Aryssa got his first (as the heals we figured it would be harder for him to cap points generally) and then I got mine.

We thought Apophis needed his as well, so we focused on all the spots and it turns out, he already had it done a few weeks ago! LOL Mind you he got the 10,000 honourable kills one a few weeks ago and that was pretty amazing if you ask me! He kills a lot of people, still hasn’t managed to get “Wrecking Ball” but he always gets really close on Seething Shore.

I am never going to get wrekcing ball, however I can get other achievements like the one above. I generally try not to get the orbs because I don’t like being targetted…and I am super squishy, but sometimes you just gotta grab them. Thankfully this gave me the achievement for killing 100 people whilst holding an orb. The rush of power came flooding back during this match!

I also managed to cap a flag in Twin peaks, I don’t have an image of that unfortunately because I was so focused on staying alive. But my gosh the rush. I picked up the flag simply because I was in the room with only 1 other person and it made sense to at least grab it. I got ganked just near the river and between myself, Apophis and Aryssa – I have no idea how – but i managed to survive and get across the water and into the room. You wouldn’t believe me I swear, but as I walked into the room, I saw the flag sitting there and as I was saying on discord, “Hey there is a flag here already, what do I do?” I ran up to it – AND CAPPED THE GODDAMN FLAG! I was expecting to have to click it or something. Thank god, I ran up to it though because as my foot hit the pedestal and the flag capped, I was pulled by a DK away from the flag. Had I waited 1 second longer I wouldn’t have capped and I potentially would have been killed. I did kill the DK with the help of others, but my gosh it was close.

This is the only image I have, which doesn’t show alliance at all (even though it is on the alliance tab – SO FREAKING ANNOYING!!! Tell me how to make this stop happening!!) so you cannot see my cap, but see that 2/3 cap…that was me 🙂 I capped a FLAG, me!! I ran it all the way down the field, survived and then capped! What even is that ?!?!

All of this PVP has led me to achieve the following and get me a complete transmog set for season 4, not stunning in any way, but it is workable.

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