Warcraft Summer 2020 – Hot as hell

The hottest place on Azeroth

Whenever I was thinking about this topic and what to write I was brought back to Firelands for images and screenshots. This is the epitome of “hot as hell” with all the lava and fire and Ragnaros coming up from the depths. I mean just look at his cute little feetsies. How could you not think of him as stepping right out of hell?

Australia has some parts during our summer which we would consider hot as well. Honestly you think I am kidding, but I am not. There is a brilliant document which was released for last year which shows some excellent graphs of our weather. You can find it here if you are interested in such things. From that PDF let me show you think little thing.

Some parts of our country got to 48 degrees Celsius. For those still living with the old ways, that is 118 Fahrenheit. I am not sure at what the human body decides to give up but it would have to be close. I barely handle it when it is above 24 degrees, a nice blue shade on the scale.

But yes, Australia is hot as hell during our summer, it is really nice to be winter at the moment. So in honour of our country being basically covered in red, I went to Firelands and lit myself up as well

Because this is what you feel like when you have been outside in the sun for 10 minutes without a hat 🙂 Or when you try and touch your steering wheel.

You Know It’s Hot In Australia When… | A Momma's View
Also accurate

I wanted to show the complete coverage of heat and flame and destruction which can be cause during our summers. I haven’t even started on the bushfires either, which can cause wide spread devastation in the space of a few minutes. This image below was from behind our previous house in regional victoria a few years ago (about 1km away). Firetrucks for scale.

On the go | Wednesday, January 18, 2017 | Bendigo Advertiser
Bendigo Advertiser image from 2017

I will leave you with this thought below, because I know where I would rather end up 🙂 and you science buffs might find this funny (from the University of Sydney)

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