Mythic + Madness

Yes, you can read that title as Mythic+ Madness or Mythic plus Madness. Either way there are mythics being run which are both inducing madness to my mental state but also in large quantaties.

I adore running dungeons. I would run dungeons pretty much non stop in this game if I could. I am only slightly reticent about running mythic+ keys because I prefer to not PUG those. They are an unknown quantity usually and being tank I just don’t want to put up with people pulling entire trash sections of mobs because I don’t go fast enough for their liking.

Exhibit A

I was tanking Mythic raid bosses, I tanked us through heroics and normal raids, I run mythic+ dungeons…dude. I know how to tank. It is just not what you wanted. I refer you to Exhibit B. Apophis and I killed the last boss in Motherlode whilst everyone else had a dirt nap. I would heal myself whilst he was doing his gattling gun, then change back into bear once he had finished. It worked. We completed it when most others would have wiped. Sorry Aryssa, Slobaguts and Jekias 🙂

Exhibit B

I just don’t get to do very many runs with the guild as we have quite a few people with tanks geared enough to do high level keys and not many people willing to run lower level keys for the mid range people. It tends to fall to me because I offer when everyone else stays silent. Aryssa tells me I should stop and start standing up for myself, but that just isn’t me. I want to ensure everyone has a good time, at my expense it seems.

So the perception in the guild is that I don’t like running high keys or that I don’t want to. Which is simply not the case. I would run 15’s non stop if people invited me or asked me to, my tank is geared enough to do them. We do mythic keys on Fridays instead of raiding and invariably I sit out because too many tanks or not enough DPS or my group is not able to do more than about a 10 key…there was also a period – no matter which mythic+ I ran it ended up being a clusterfuck of epic proportions, so I shied away from doing them because it was frustrating to spend over an hour in a dungeon wiping when it could have been done in 30 minutes. It would have been nice to have people offer to give me some good runs with mains, knowing the difficult runs I had been experiencing 🙂 It is just a cylce which I don’t see a way to break out of now.


In the end it is just sad because I would like to be asked to tank the high keys – I certainly don’t have the keys available since the highest I generally run is a 10-12. I don’t like asking for others to use their keys incase we fail and it drops a level on them. “Hey Tank looking for a 15 – let me burn your key” is not what I want to do. I would rather someone say “Hey I have a 15 , I need a killer group to get it done, Dragonray wanna tank it?” – BAM COUNT ME IN!

It is all my fault though because I can’t expect people to care about anyone else in the guild and I can’t blame anyone else because I don’t shout from the roof tops “I want to do high keys too!”. I just figure it is everyone’s goal so it should be obvious. That is completely on me and not something I am able to change easily about myself.

Anyway on a more positive note since having gotten my pally and mage to 120 (and some gear) I have been running them through anything and everything I can.

Exhibit C

I have been playing fire and frost on my mage, I really do just prefer fire. I feel like frost is just, not what I want to play. I don’t enjoy the aesthetic. Fire is my mood.

I decided to make my pally a tank to see if I still liked the spec, and I am not very good at it. I am so used to tanking on my bear with the multitude of defensives, it is weird to go to my pally who really has only a couple. I was getting better the more time I spent on her, but both Apophis, Slobaguts and Nibblepie made comments about how hard I was to heal.

Yes, she was hard to heal because I was basically just not using my cooldowns guys 🙂 Sorry! That was completely on me and not you at all!! Oops. I do like all the radiant, holy damage being thrown around and her wings and light. She is very pretty to look at when tanking, but is that why you should use a toon to tank on? LOL

More recently I actually got to time a 15+ on my druid! We had a minute left on the timer and couple of deaths during the run because of a bursting mistakes, but overall it went super smoothly.

It was a pretty nice feeling to have timed a 15 🙂 Nibblepie and I were discussing if we could get a group running every week to try and get all of the 15’s done. I said I would be really happy to do that if we had a set time like Monday night (which allows us time for maybe doing a Tuesday if we need to for the week). We will see how that pans out.

But mythics, who knew they could be so controversial a topic 🙂

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