Not sure why, but…another 120

I had been slowly working on getting my warrior levelled, but I am still not sure why. It isn’t like I will bother getting all the reputation grinds done to pick up the plans for blacksmithing done, but hey, it was something to do I suppose.

I managed to convince hubby to do the Freehold thing for me, on his undergeared tank. This was mostly what I did, chilled out in a wheelbarrow just collecting the XP.

It took us a little longer as he had to do smaller pulls, but we got it done eventually.

So, that makes druid, mage, hunter, paladin and warrior all levelled. I have actually really enjoyed DPS on my warrior.

I got his cloak after dinging 120, which was really hard as I was wearing 117 gear. I only had a few pieces of black empire and bought the rest of the benthic gear for him, but even then the assaults were hardish. I had to be carfeful, especially as I kept forgetting to send him some health pots and I was taking a beating with the rares.

I decided he needed a better transmog so went with the classic purple nurple mog again 🙂 It has been a very long time since he had this transmog, made all the more impressive by his magenta weapons.

The purple nurple

After getting some gear from the world quests I got his ilevel up enough to attempt LFR with Aryssa on his rogue (Lughna). We signed up for the first 3 and last 2, just to see what would pop and I really didn’t want to do soccer boss in LFR honestly so was happy to not do it.

The first group was amazing, we stuffed up Wrathion and wiped because no one jumped into the scales, but we reset, confirmed who would do what and did it perfectly thr next time. We also did Maut and Skitra without issue. It was a very smooth run with everyone thanking each other afterwards.

I managed to get a weapon off Maut which upgraded my 277 weapon (which I made). I was very happy with the score. I am kicking myself I didn’t use one of my rolls on to get my second one. I might sign up for it again this week and see if I can’t get a second one.

After jumping out of that, the next LFR popped. We killed Carapace with one tank and no issues whatsoever, it was smooth. I was giving Ayrssa instruction as we were going as it was hard to explain beforehand with all the different phases.

We got to N’zoth and I was hopeful given the previous boss but it wasn’t great. We wiped because the groups meant to go downstairs, didn’t go downstairs, so we were just unable to DPS enough. It was a shame but we decided to jump out of the run at that point and go and do some PVP.

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