PVP achievements flying thick and fast

We have been consistently doing PVP just for something different to do. I have been really enjoying it overall.

The three of us make a pretty killer team, especially as Ayrssa heals and Apophis does huge damage. I just run around and play distraction for them to do their best work. That is what I like to tell myself 🙂

I am pretty bad in general at PVP, although I did have this one battleground where I seemed to not die…..

in kotmudo…… How? I will never know the answer, but I can tell you what I was more surprised than anyone when it popped up and I realised I had survived the entire thing. The gravy being a decent amount of honourable kills to go with though – I was chuffed about that 🙂 We won’t mention my woeful damage ok? Good.

We also experienced the most awful Eye of the Storm. I know, I know, everyone says they have the absolute worst of a battle ground. But, aside from a 5-cap in AB, they can’t all be that bad right? Well, let me show you this little gem.

Pay particular attention to the scores at the top of the screen. You know how this happens? The majority of us went to the middle to await the flag capturing antics. The rest, went to our points…..AND THEN RAN RIGHT PAST THEM WITHOUT CAPPING THEM??? They just didn’t even cap them until really, really, really late in the game – by which point we finally noticed and then decided it was too late anyway to catch up. Apophis was particularly vocal about their inability to form the use of a single brain cell. It was quite frustrating.

These are just some of the achievements I have somehow managed to get over the course of our PVP. It has been pretty exhilarating to get them. Apophis is trying to get the Wrecking ball, which requires 20 killing blows and no deaths in a single match. He got close with 18:1 the other day.

I want to leave you with this gorgeous, absolutely stunning, piece of transmog.

My picture doesn’t do it justice, but my god. I need to find these shoulders and robes, because I must replicate this thing of beauty.

Overall though, if you have never done pvp and are too scared, I say find a couple of friends and jump in. The worst case scenario is you lose the battleground and die a few times. Repair bills aren’t as high and you can sit on voice comms and have a laugh when you target people. You might surprise yourself about how well you can actually do after some practise. You might also get the crap kicked out of you like happened to us one night where the enemy had over 800k health. They were dead games, just your basic simple slaughterhouse and we were the fodder.

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