Warcraft Summer 2020 – Holidays

Holidays….in the middle of our winter? This was always going to be a difficult post to come up with something to write about.

We, down here in Aus, are in the middle of the school year – our long summer break isn’t until Dec/Jan over Christmas time and unless you are into snow sports, most people do not want to be out and about in this weather.

We are talking…SNOW SEASON!! This is time for skiiing, snowboarding, ice hockey…well usually. These months have been consumed with Covid-19. Our “holidays” are now being locked down from 8pm – 5am with a curfew.

To give you an idea, this shows the upcoming weather for the week. Perfect weather – the only thing which would make it better would be a solid week of rain.

We have friends in regional Victoria who told on the weekend, there is a chance they will snowfall this week. GAHHH.

SNOWFALL!!! That is simply amazing to me – I wish I still lived there just so I could experience it falling!

To give you an idea – if you aren’t in Aus (or Vic) these are all the snow areas in the state.

Snow activities - Travel Victoria: accommodation & visitor guide

Ordinarily you would have your choice of locations to get some snow sports in. Any of them will set you back a very pretty penny – in fact – we have friends who fly to NZ for snowboarding because it is cheaper to go there (and get lessons) than it is to go in Aus. That is messed up if you ask me 🙂

So with that theme firmly established here is my demonhunter in her winter wooly wendigo outfit flying down some slopes 🙂

Alternatively I wouldn’t mind being like some of these guys living life to the fullest in Motherlode!

I would kill for some Fish & Chips at the beach right now.

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