Speeding to 120 because of PVP

I can’t remember if I mentioned this but a few weeks ago one of our guildies ran Pracey (on his new Shammy) and my warrior through the speed levelling which is done in Freehold.

I was so impressed with their ability to grab all the mobs and just survive!! It was amazing. You basically do about 4 pulls in the entire instance and then use every cooldown you have whilst freaking out. Vamoose made it look super easy on his Paladin..super easy. He said I should give it a try on either my Paladin or my raid geared Druid because I would surely be able to survive.

So, I did. On the weekend prior, we played a lot of PVP with Apophis. A lot. It was so much fun to be back in there. We even won a few games and I managed to continue my streak of good fortune by mostly staying alive more than I was dying. With the exception of one game where Calaquende and myself spent – LITERALLY – the entire game, getting killed, respawning on the boat, jumping off and then being insta killed, to respawn. That was an unpleasant game.

We played as alliance again simply because it was faster queues, less than 2 minutes in most cases and. Look how beautiful Ayrssa and I look as humans though? It has been a very long time since my mage was a human.

We won a lot of battlegrounds as alliance, way more than I have experienced as horde in a long time, but we also had some crushing defeats. Some were really close as well and lack of defence on our locations caused us to miss out by a slither. That is part of the fun though.

I really like Deepwind Gorge, Battle for Gilneas and Arathi Basin (of course), but Seething Shore is horrid, as is Warsong Gulch (and the other flag carrying one?) I really enjoy PVP honestly, when you go in without much of an expectation and with a couple of friends it lightens the mood. However Aryssa went in as heals a couple of times and decided to attempt finishing his rogue expressly for the purpose of PVPing with her again. Apophis was saying he was struggling with warriors in PVP and I am half tempted to try and finish levelling my warrior to use in PVP. I am honestly enjoying my mage though, she is managing to be a lot more wiley than I remember – maybe I just play her better now? Who knows.

Either way we decided to try the levelling trick in Freehold and we smashed it out of the ballpark honestly.

Pull number 2

We had to run it 5 times in total to get his rogue from 113 to 120. I think maybe it took an hour and a half, because I was a little slow and the first attempt we did killed me multiple times. My repair bill was nearly 800g. EEP!

But we did it! We got his rogue to 120!

Lughna the Rogue – 120 🙂

Now we just need to get him some gear so we can take him into PVP and he can stun lock other people on our behalf! He did go and get all the benthic gear he could, and will hopefully start the cloak quest and world quests in the next couple of days. But look how cute she is in her benthic kit!

She looks like a very fancy lady 🙂 I love the art on these pieces, the nautical look really works for me!

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