Warcraft Summer 2020 – Barefoot

Barefoot…or is it “barefeet”…hang on, I need to check. It is Barefoot. Phew.

I wasn’t sure how to actually make a post about feet interesting. I mean as far as body parts go, they are one of the least attractive parts on a person. But I thought about what you do with feet, and aside from walking….hot water soaks and massages are amongst the best parts of having feet. So I took a screenshot, as boring as that sounds, of my feet soaking in the Golakka Hot springs of Un’goro crater. One of only a few places to get a decent mineral scrub in this universe.

I noticed whilst trying to get some pictures of her toes being soaked and noticed, what I believe to be toenail polish on her little feet. If it isn’t polish, I am making it canon. She has red fiery nail polish to match her transmog. Look at the evidence above. Just look at those little toes.

What does Barefoot in summer make you think of?

2 Replies to “Warcraft Summer 2020 – Barefoot”

  1. THe beach. You know, the place we can’t go right now (and even if we could, it’d be a beach with freaking freezing water. Dangit.)

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