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Since raiding has slowed down and Aryssa is now playing a little more, we have started doing some things to help him get gear, like quite a few baby level mythics and world quests etc. Anything which gives him a piece of gear he can use.

We even took Aryssa through couple of horrific visions the other day to get his cloak up a few levels. Maybe it will help if he gets any corrupted gear before the pre-patch, especially if he wants to keep coming to raids, plus any of the mythics etc will only help his DPS and ilevel.

I have been pleasantly surprised with my PVP prowess. I use prowess lightly btw. But I have been going in on my mage, with basically no real skill and I have been surviving and getting quite a few kills to my name. I am very happy with my ability to stay alive. I was never this good and I am still not very good really.

I love the ability to sign up as Alliance though, that is brilliant. Really reduces the queue time.

Talk to this guy and he makes you Alliance. But look at the brilliant mask!!!

We did some PVP the other night with Slobaguts and Apophis. Basically they were telling us where to go and what needs to happen as a lot of these PVP battlegrounds we hadn’t really done much of.

For example 🙂

However we have to talk about the longest Battle for Darkshore event I have ever been part of. The longest. We did ok until we got to the last boss. It took, about 25 minutes to kill her. I am not joking. We were constantly dying and she actually reset at one point when she was at about 40% health. So we had to start again. I think my death count was at least 10? The problem being no-one was picking up the glaives and using them on the fire walkers.

So there was no breaks and it was just hell on Darkshore.

This achievement was not worth the effort in my opinion, however I did get a minor level upgrade on my weapon and Aryssa got a decent upgrade to a piece he didn’t already have. So it sort of makes up for it.

But possibly even funnier than the struggle we had with the boss was Aryssa having 90% of the walkers on him. We have no idea why – is it random? Was he the only one who survived and so they all picked him? What made them all target him? He has 15 on him at this point and when I was scrolling through the other DPS, one other person had 2.

Look at all those beams of death and the debuffs??? He basically just kept running to the water because he couldn’t actually attack the boss with this many on him. What is the go?? He was pretty frustrated and Apophis and I were just laughing because this was such a fail Darkshore.

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