Warcraft Summer 2020 – Lakeside

Yeah, I know. I am late by a couple of days, but I am posting anyway!

I am sure you will forgive me 🙂 There are simply so many lakes to choose from in Warcraft, I cannot believe there isn’t one for every person out there. No matter what your preference, mountains, bushland, waterfalls…even deserts. Everything is covered. You can find a place you want to just relax in.

For me it was basically everywhere in Pandaria. I could pick a new lake every day and still never run out. Pandaria was, visually, the most stunning for me, although Stormsong Valley is a very very close second. If I could replicate the visuals from parts of Pandaria into my real life I would.

One of my favourite trees is a Weeping Willow, they are everywhere in Pandaria. I love to watch them in the breeze and sit under them. I just adore them.

I am that tiny red dot in between all the standing stones, resting against the tree

This island in the middle of the lake with the waterfalls behind basically is my idea of heaven.

My view when seated

How could you not want to just sit and enjoy the view of the stones, trees, water and skies. I would love a spot like this in real life. In fact we have a reservoir nearby us which has a stunning park/picnic area which is currently closed for renovations. I can’t wait for it to be opened again so we can go back for picnics when it gets warmer again….and the threat of covid-19 is not as huge.

So tranquil.

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