Maybe just the end of mythic raiding?

We started doing alts runs on our Wednesday night instead of doing mythics and they have been decently successful. We can’t clear them fully in one night (does anyone?) but this weeks raid was absolutely freaking amazing. Two reasons why.

First reason – hubby came along on his shadow priest Aryssa 🙂 It was very enjoyable to see him in the raid with us and just be able to talk about it later. His gear was probably too low to be in there, he got one shot by a lot of the unavoidable mechanics, but the raid wasn’t any more difficult that usual with a couple of lower level alts in there.

So much fun when we are together

I think Apophis enjoyed having him in the raid as well as he really gets enjoyment when getting to hang out with Aryssa in game. This is the three of us just before one of our attempts on Ilgynoth. All cloth casters. A mage, warlock and shadow priest walked into a dungeon…sounds like a promising story. LOL

Second reason…..THE ALT GROUP KILLED ILGYNOTH! Yeah we killed him. The main team generally avoids him. But we got him. Third attempt. The tanks, Darkfury (Menicatros) and Revile (Vamoose) did an absolute stellar job of tanking him when they were really thrown in the deep end. It isn’t an easy fight to tank, I think it is one of the hardest (if not the most – excluding Nzoth himself of course).

Was it messy – hell yes, were we struggling right at the end- HELL yes! But was it an amazing feeling – HELL YES!!! That feeling is what I raid for. That feeling of accomplishment when we all struggle through something and then get him down.

Funny part of the night, we were rolling on loot at the end and Aryssa had been vacuuming loot all night and someone rolled lower than him for a headpiece, but as per loot rules he had already won stuff during the other fights so I said he needed to pass it over for the other person, even though he won. Well, since then, I have been non stop getting crap from Aryssa and Apophis. About offering something and then taking back. It has been pretty hilarious.

Next week the alt raid is going to try and extend and see if we can’t finish the rest of the raid. Maybe get some more AOTC for people. I am terrified of doing the soccer boss as DPS – otherwise I think I am ok with the other fights. Let’s go alts!!

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