Warcraft Summer 2020 – Sunflowers

I spent all week stressed with some personal issues so wasn’t focused on my this topic honestly, but I did have plans to draw some sunflowers with my watercolour pencils. I say that, as if I can draw! HAAHHA but I can’t. I like to wish I can.

After spending a few hours in the ED carpark waiting for my hubby I thought maybe I could write a poem or short story about Sunflowers but was just coming up blank. No muse.

Dogma 1999 Chris Rock Salma Hayek Kevin Smith Jason Mewes Linda Fiorentino

So knowing i was running out of time to get an idea, I decided to grab my hubby’s iPad and try to draw something digitally 🙂

Are you ready for this hilarious attempt at a field of sunflowers? Yes they are sunflowers. I am telling you, I looked at reference pictures – I swear.

I hadn’t realised how awesome procreate was. There are clouds, grass, water so many effects you can use now to make it look way more realistic. Unlike my attempts I know 🙂

Anyway, sunflowers aren’t a big thing where I am, but I would love to have an area of them. They are so sunny and happy and I love how they turn themselves to face the sun. It is just cute. I might grow some eventually.

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